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Period panties by Ecowoman: Opinions, how and when to use them.

It is well known that there are "conventional" options for menstruation days. However, in recent years, solutions to these more traditional products have been appearing, as they are made with materials that are not healthy for the body or the environment, because they contain chemicals that are harmful to health and plastics that take a long time to degrade and pollute both seas and landfills.

This is why these solutions have been appearing in the form of eco-friendly, reusable and sustainable feminine hygiene products. Some examples of eco-friendly menstrual products are reusable pads, reusable panty liners or Ecowoman menstrual panties.

This is the reason why we have created this category for menstrual panties, where you can see the different models of menstrual panties that we offer so that you can choose this new sustainable solution for your next menstruation.

What are Ecowoman menstrual panties?

Our period panties absorb menstrual flow and keep you dry. They are washable and provide protection for 8 to 12 hours, both day and night, with no risk of leakage. In the case of light to moderate flow, absorbent panties will protect you for up to 12 hours. With heavy flow you will have to change your panty before your period or you can even combine it with another menstrual product.

They are absorbent panties (they do not get wet), besides being breathable, have an antibacterial fabric and avoid any odor. They have a useful life of 60 washes, so you can use them for years. In addition, after these years, you can use them like any other normal underwear.

Not only that, but they are incredibly comfortable panties. Ready to throw away the old underwear you've been saving for your period days? They're worn just like traditional underwear, only they have a special technical fabric on the inside that absorbs menstrual flow. That's why you can wear them during menstruation without having to carry anything else. 

In short, menstrual panties are a reusable and ecological alternative to live your period in a different way. Join Ecowoman, join the innovation that changes the rules!

Absorbent menstrual panties are especially ideal for the first periods, for young women and teenagers, and for absolute discretion and comfort with Ecowoman menstrual panties.

What else to know about our period underwear

Let's get a little more technical. Menstrual panties have a fabric on the inside that absorbs the flow. This fabric of period panties is super absorbent and collects the menstrual flow. Depending on the flow you have, you can wear them alone with another menstrual product, it's as easy as trying them and getting to know yourself!

As they are water-repellent, menstruation will not come out of the panty. Ecowoman menstrual panties have a cotton layer, the fabric that is in contact with the skin. On the outside, it has the waterproof part, which makes the flow does not come out of the panty and does not pass through, leak-proof! That is why it is an ideal option to live your menstruation in a very healthy and sustainable way. 

You will have no itching or discomfort, because they are completely free of chemicals and toxic products. It is the perfect alternative for women with hypersensitivity or who want to live their menstruation in a comfortable and healthy way.

They are also the ideal alternative for little girls! They go completely unnoticed as they look like regular underwear. Menstrual panties for girls can be worn to menstruate one day at school or for plans away from home without having to worry about stains. Also, because they are so comfortable, they can be worn for sports or sleeping in them for all the activities you can think of! 

Period panties are slightly thicker in the crotch than a classic panty. At first glance, they are no different from normal panties. Menstrual panties can be worn with any type of clothing, day or night.

How to wash menstrual underwear?

Before using menstrual underwear, they should be washed with cold water to activate the absorbent tissue and improve the absorption capacity. Once the menstrual panties have been used, they should always be rinsed in cold water. For optimal care you should wash them by hand or in a washing machine with a maximum temperature of 86°F after each use. It is very important to avoid the use of bleach and fabric softeners or any detergent that may contain them. The ideal is to use soap or detergent for delicate clothes or wool. Iron and dryer should not be used. The best way to dry them is in the sun or natural light.

How many period panties do I need for one menstrual cycle?

This will depend on the amount of flow you have, the time of your period and how comfortable you feel. You should keep in mind that they are more absorbent than conventional pads, plus you can combine them with other menstrual products. 

Taking these factors into account, we recommend between 3 and 7 menstrual panties to start with, this way you will have enough panties to cover the cycle and to change while others are washing or drying.

That's why at Ecowoman we offer you both packs of 3 period panties, packs of 5 and packs of 7, as well as a single period panty, so you can choose how to start your new rule-changing experience peacefully.

Ecowoman menstrual panties prices

With menstrual panties you will get great savings from two points of view. One point of view is the saving in waste, since you will stop using a huge amount of disposable products which generate a large amount of plastics that are difficult to degrade, which take many years to decompose and pollute the planet through the seas and landfills. The other point of view is the economic saving, since, due to their long useful life, you will be able to use the panties for the period for many years.

The savings that can be achieved with girls or adolescents in first menstruation is more than relevant. This is because the first few years of menstruation, cycles are usually light and/or irregular, and most girls will last up to 12 hours with a pad on. However, period underwear is also a sustainable option for any woman, due to the fact that it has a lifespan of 60 washings, so it would reach 5 years of use, taking into account one use per menstruation. And not only that, but also, when they lose their absorbency, they can be used as normal panties.

Get to know the advantages of underwear for menstrual periods

Do menstrual panties smell?

They don't smell, as can't be said for disposable products made with chemicals. With menstrual panties you will have an odor-free period.

Are period panties easily washed?

Washing them is as simple as rinsing them in cold water to remove the outer layer and then washing them in the washing machine with the rest of your clothes.

Can you do activities with menstrual underwear?

They are very comfortable and soft, so you can carry out any activity (sports, sleeping, etc.) without worrying.

How long do menstrual panties last?

They are reusable and their lifespan is about 5 years (that's a lot of cycles!).

Do period panties move?

No. Period panties do not move, so you don't have to worry about this discomfort.

Are menstrual panties breathable?

Yes. They are breathable and they take care of the vaginal pH as well as keeping you dry.

How long to use pad underwear and when?

As with any normal panty, an Ecowoman menstrual panty lasts between 2 and 5 years, depending on how many times it is used and the care and washing that is carried out. You can use them in any situation alone without anything else, because the absorbent fabric will absorb your menstruation, or you can use them with any other menstrual product, as you feel more comfortable and safe. You can also sleep all night without having to worry because they do not move. In addition, they can be used for postpartum bleeding and for sports without having to worry about the tampon leaking, the pad moving or the cup not fitting properly. 

The approximate absorbency of absorbent period panties is equivalent to two regular tampons, so you can wear them for up to 12 hours.

However, as with any menstrual product, this will depend on the amount of bleeding flow you have. That is why it is very important that you get to know yourself and test how long you can go without having to change.

The recommendation we make of 12 hours does not mean that it will hold in all cases without leakage, it will depend on the flow you have, it is simply a measure of hygiene. The moment you feel a little wet, you will have to change and wash them, as you would do with any underwear.

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