Period Panties For Teens

Menstrual Panties for girls and teenagers by Ecowoman

Menstrual panties for girls and teens from Ecowoman are designed to make your daughter feel protected and free during her first periods.

First periods are important

The first experiences with periods are part of a very important stage for young girls and also for their parents. We have all gone through this stage, the first periods usually appear between the ages of 9 and 16, and when this is approaching, it is very important to talk to your daughter so that she does not feel overwhelmed by a change of this magnitude.

Importance of menstrual education

The main thing is to de-dramatize the subject, it is very necessary that she understands that it is part of our life. It is important to explain the subject of intimate protection so that she knows all the options, such as tampons, pads, panty liners, menstrual cups and panties. It would be good for her to become familiar with these protections before she gets her first period.

So that the change is not too dramatic, in Ecowoman we recommend the use of menstrual panties for girls and adolescents as a first contact with the period. This way you will avoid living the menstrual period as an unpleasant moment.

This is because menstrual underwear allows teenage girls to put it on in the morning and forget about it for the rest of the day, at school. It will have the same feeling as wearing a regular panty. It is far more comfortable than any other intimate protection, especially for the first few periods.

Characteristics of period underwear for teens

In addition to being comfortable and pretty, thanks to a menstrual panty from Ecowoman, your daughter won't need to have pads or change tampons in her backpack, she'll even forget she has her period.

Advantages of menstrual underwear for teens

She will be able to wear the menstrual panty for girls during the school day thanks to the high absorbency of the panty and its anti-leakage ability. Protection while sitting, standing or lying down and even with daily activities and sports.

Get to know the advantages of period panties for teens

Do menstrual panties for teens smell?

They don't smell, as you can't say about disposable products made with chemicals. With menstrual panties you will have an odor-free period.

Are period undies for tweens easy to wash?

Washing them is as simple as rinsing them in cold water to remove the outer layer and then rinsing them in the washing machine with the rest of your clothes.

Can you do activities with menstrual underwear for teens?

They are very comfortable and soft, so you can carry out any activity (sports, sleeping, etc.) without worrying.

How long do the best period panties for teens last?

They are reusable and their lifespan is about 5 years (that's a lot of cycles!)

Do period panties for teens move?

No. Period panties do not move, so you don't have to worry about this discomfort.

Are menstrual panties for teens breathable?

Yes. They are breathable and they take care of the vaginal pH as well as keeping you dry.

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