Period Swimwear

Menstrual swimming costumes by Ecowoman: Opinions, how and when to use them.

Can I swim in a period bikini?

Of course you can. You can swim in the pool, in the sea or in the lake. However, be careful with hot tubs, because depending on the temperature of the water, it can affect the absorption of the bikini. The frequency of use will influence the lifespan of the bikini. Although it will be practically like any other bikini, it is advisable to wear it only when you menstruate, so that it does not wear out prematurely. The washing temperature of menstrual bikinis and panties should not exceed 40ºC.

When to wear period swimwear?

There are several situations in which it is useful to use menstrual swimwear. Especially when the leakage is manageable for about 1 or 2 tampons. For example, at the beginning or end of menstruation, with implantation bleeding (small amount of spotting or light bleeding that usually occurs about 10-14 days after conception) or with occasional bleeding between periods.

When is it not recommended to wear a period swimming costume?

Although it can be worn in any situation, in order to wear the swimming costume alone and avoid any leakage, it is best not to wear it in the following situations:

  • With heavy flows.
  • With lochia.
  • With haemorrhagic menstruation.

How does the period bikini work?

It has two parts, the one that is the same as any other bikini (which you all know) and the absorbent part, which we are going to explain. It is made up of 3 very thin layers, which are as follows:

  • The first part that has alveoli so that the flow can pass through.
  • The second one is absorbent and retains the flow.
  • The third and last part is waterproof so that there is no leakage.

Benefits of period bathing suit

Period bathing suit allow you to swim during your period without fear of leaks. They have the absorbent materials needed to soak up the flow both in and out of the water without the need for tampons or cups.

It has never been so comfortable and easy to enjoy the summer during menstruation as it is now with Ecowoman menstrual swimming costumes.

How to wash period swim bottoms

Just like menstrual panties, the ideal is to rinse them with cold water as soon as you take them off. Afterwards, it is best to wash them by hand with neutral soap (no bleach or softeners). Finally, air dry them and/or dry them in the sun before using them again.

Will the blood come out of the menstrual period proof swimwear in the pool?

Both the seams and the waterproof part prevent blood from coming out of the menstrual swimming costume.

You don't have to worry, because even if you get water in your period bikini bottom or move around, no blood will flow out into the water, the absorbent part will take care of it. However, they are designed for light to moderate flow, so if you have heavy flow you will need to combine it with another menstrual product.

Do period panties swim need to be changed after bathing?

It is not necessary to change every time you get out of the water, you can get in and out several times, it will depend on your sensations.

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