The way you dress should also be environmentally friendly.

The way you dress should also be environmentally friendly.



There are many people who decide to live an eco-friendly lifestyle; they choose to reduce plastic, use biodegradable products, or recycle. However, only a few people include using eco-friendly clothing in that lifestyle.

Paying attention to the clothes we wear could be something unimportant, but these small actions can greatly contribute to the environment, since the textile industry is considered one of the most polluting industries.

Join me to learn a little more about the changes you can make when buying and reusing your clothes.

Let's get started. 


How you can dress in an eco-friendly and sustainable way.

We call ecological or sustainable clothing all those pieces whose production process is completely handmade or that are made from ecological or recycled materials. All this to have a much lower impact on the environment.


Clothing with sustainable materials


● Organic cotton:

Organic cotton is grown without using any pesticides or toxic agents in its manufacture, so using it leads to avoiding the need to use normal, polluting ones, therefore reduce the environmental impact.

Currently, only a small part of the textile industry uses organic cotton in its clothing manufacturing processes. This could, however, change if these companies saw their potential buyers and clients preferring organic cotton rather than the polluting one.


● Bamboo fiber:

Bamboo is par excellence one of the most used resources for those people who lead a plastic-free lifestyle. We can find it in multiple utensils of daily life. The textile industry is also making use of it.

As we know, the process to cultivate bamboo is less complicated, no pesticides are required, and it does not use a large amount of water, so its use in the textile industry guarantees eco-friendly clothing.




Smart shopping and consumption of clothing.

In addition to knowing and using the various alternative clothing manufacturing materials, it is important to have more control when buying them. It is important to emphasize that you should not irresponsibly discard your clothes just because they are no longer fashionable, you must use or make sure the piece of clothing will be used until it is no longer viable -and this usually takes a long time-.

You can give them a second chance by redesigning them as you wish. Or you can also donate it to all those people who need it. There is no excuse for discarding perfectly usable pieces of clothing.

With our reusable pads and eco-panties, you will also be contributing to the environment. Live healthy menstruation away from toxic components and closer to more environmentally friendly ones. Sustainable and reusable alternatives are the answer. We must get rid of all those disposable hygiene products, full of harmful chemicals both for our bodies and the environment.

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