Are you uncomfortable with your vaginal odor?



It is important to keep in mind that the vagina has its own aroma. It is not a perfumed or artificial smell, you could say that it is a rather peculiar smell. That your vagina smells is absolutely normal, however, at times you may feel a little uncomfortable because of the strong odor emanating from your vagina. 

The smell of your vagina can reveal a lot about your health. Maybe a fishy smell or a really unpleasant odor, if so, you might want to pay close attention, they could be signs of a serious health problem. So, what should my vagina smell like?

Identifying the cause of the odor.

Each vagina is a world, and the odors emanating from each vagina are different. Experts recommend that every woman become familiar with the odor of her intimate area so that she can identify when the odor is not the usual one

Do you have a faint fishy odor with a gray or whitish flow?

These may be signs that you are suffering from bacterial vaginosis, a common vaginal infection

Do you have a bad odor with green or yellowish vaginal fluid?

These are clear symptoms of trichomoniasis, which is a sexually transmitted infection caused by a parasite. 

Do you have a slightly yeasty odor and a thick, whitish vaginal fluid?

You may also feel pain, itching, and burning with intercourse or urination. These are clear symptoms of a vaginal yeast infection. This infection usually occurs when there is an abundant spread of yeast in your intimate area.

Do you have a strong odor and a somewhat watery flow?

This could be a sign of hormonal changes during menstruation, specifically between your ovulation and menstrual cycle. It is during this stage that your vagina is prone to some unpleasant odors. 

Does the odor arise after exercising or walking?

When you sweat your vagina tends to end up with a rather peculiar odor. Your genitals have a gland called the apocrine gland. These glands when stimulated release a kind of fatty fluid, which when metabolized with bacteria on the surface of the skin, generates a characteristic odor.

So how can I prevent vaginal odors?


Avoid vaginal douching

Vaginal douching is counterproductive. Why? Introducing water or any type of cleansing agent into your vagina can kill healthy bacteria

Be sure to wear loose-fitting, cotton underwear

This will help increase the airflow in your intimate area. This will prevent a build-up of moisture, thus decreasing any unpleasant odors caused by bacteria or sweat. 

Avoid using disposable pads or tampons

As we know, disposable pads and tampons are full of chemicals that can unbalance the vaginal pH and cause a bad odor. To avoid this uncomfortable situation, how about using reusable pads or period panties during your menstruation. 

Its components are totally natural and thanks to its design you will feel confident and secure. In addition, if you are a woman who uses daily panty liners during your menstrual cycle, reusable panty liners will be very helpful. 

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