Towards a healthy and balanced menstruation.

Towards a healthy and balanced menstruation.



As women we know that once a month our body undergoes a series of physical and psychological changes. In addition, there comes the bleeding, which for some may be accompanied by other signs such as: headaches, lower back pain, fatigue and the dreaded mood swings. This is our dear friend: menstruation!

 The total number of menstrual periods of a woman during her lifetime can be around 400. That is why it is of vital importance to create healthy habits during this period, to avoid that something positive and beneficial, such as menstruation, becomes our worst enemy.


Creating positive habits to positively deal with our menstruation.

Creating healthy habits during our menstrual period can help us to make it more bearable so that our daily routines are not affected. When you are in your days of the month, remember:

  • Follow a balanced and healthy diet.
  • Set aside a few minutes of your day for physical exercise.
  • Practice some relaxation routines.
  • Dedicate adequate time to rest.
  • Leave tight clothes aside.




But the most important:

Keep track of your period, don't let it catch you off guard. Always carry a sanitary napkin, menstrual cup, or extra tampons in your bag. Who knows, you might be helping another girl who wasn't prepared.


Feminine hygiene products that are sustainable for you and the environment.

  • Replacing disposable pads with reusable pads:

You're probably thinking, reusable pads like our grandmothers? Although it may seem like we are going back in time by putting on a piece of cloth to retain our menstrual blood, this is not entirely true.

 Currently we can see the havoc that plastic is causing to the environment, not to mention the damage that all these chemicals do to our intimate area, so as women we should not be part of this big problem.

 That is why having an option that allows us to have a sustainable menstruation not only with the environment but with ourselves is something more than positive.


You can now find a variety of reusable pads.

Today, more and more women are joining in the use of more sustainable menstrual products, so the variety of reusable pads is growing.

 You can find a variety of pads, all of them with colors and patterns for all tastes. They are designed according to the type of flow; they also have a system which allows them to be transported in a hygienic way.


You can also opt for absorbent panties.

Another quite sustainable option are the absorbent panties. These garments can fulfill a double function, that is, they fulfill the function of panties but with a much more absorbent area, like a cloth pads.


Let's stop seeing our menstrual blood as something "dirty"

While the fact that you can be in contact with your blood instead of discarding it may at first glance appear to be unpleasant, this is not the case. Take this as an exercise in which you are in contact with your inner self, discovering how your body works.

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