Can you have sex during your period?

Can you have sex during your period?

Having sex during your period has become a taboo subject. Although it is true that menstruation only comes once a month, there are women who, due to lackof information, avoid having sex during that time.

We are not going to lie. Having sex during menstruation is not an easy task, but it is not impossible and much less unsafe. It can even have many advantages for some women.

So, to give more clarity on the subject we will solve some of the most common doubts regarding this topic.

What are the benefits of having sex during the period?

Contrary to popular belief, having sex during menstruation can be beneficial:

  1. Relieves menstrual cramps: It is often one of the best-kept secrets of grannies. Menstrual cramps are caused by uterine contractions. When you have an orgasm, the uterus also contracts and relaxes, which helps relieve the pain. During an orgasm, endorphins are also released, which gives a feeling of well-being.
  2. Menstruation lasts less: Having sex during menstruation can shorten it since the muscle contractions that occur during an orgasm can help the blood contained in the uterus to be expelled faster.
  3. Increased sexual libido: Because during menstruation you are usually more sensitive and hormonal changes, you are likely to notice increased sexual desire.  Many women say that it is during ovulation that they experience increased sexual desire, but many others say they notice this increase during menstruation.
  4. Increased natural lubrication: During menstruation, blood can act as a natural lubricant, making the use of lubricants unnecessary.
  5. Decreased headache: Many women experience migraines and severe headaches during menstruation. Most of them avoid sexual intercourse because of the headache, but many have experienced how the headache is partially or relieved by having sex.

Is it possible to get pregnant if you have sex during your period?

The quick answer is yes. To explain this, it is necessary to remember that fertility during your cycle usually depends on several factors, so there is a chance that if you have sex without using protection during your period you might get pregnant.

However, some women, whose menstrual cycles are constant and last between 24 and 38 days, are less likely to get pregnant than women who have short and unpredictable menstrual cycles, and who are more likely to get pregnant. 

So, if you ovulate early during your cycle, which is more common the older you get, it is likely that your time of fertility will coincide with your period.

Now, just as having sex during this time of our menstrual cycle does not protect us from pregnancy, it does not protect us from contracting a sexually transmitted disease, so use protection.

In conclusion, there is no contraindication for you to have sex during your menstruation. Maybe it can be a little uncomfortable and sometimes difficult to achieve, but it can even be beneficial for you.

When we have our period, we usually have some discomfort, and the only thing we want is to feel comfortable and confident that no embarrassing accident will happen. 

Our recommendation is to use the best hygiene products and feminine garments during your menstrual period. Check out these fabulous menstrual panties and ecological pads to feel safe and very comfortable.

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