How much blood do reusable menstrual products absorb vs. disposable ones?

How much blood do reusable menstrual products absorb vs. disposable ones?

Reusable menstrual products are revolutionizing the world of feminine hygiene. Their benefits not only allow you to live safely and confidently day-to-day but thanks to their materials and manufacturing process, are 100% environmentally friendly, thanks to the reduction of waste generated with conventional methods.

This and much more make reusable pads the ideal alternative to disposable menstrual products.

It may take a little time and practice to get used to using them, but from the moment you adopt them, you can experience and enjoy the efficiency and convenience offered by these 100% Eco-friendly products.  

The dreaded spotting! What to use?

The biggest concern of women during their days of the month, a potentially embarrassing situation, causing discomfort: That the method of menstrual protection has not been efficient. 

Although it is a situation that should be considered normal for most women, there are many products specifically designed to avoid accidents. 

When talking about absorbency products, we find a wide variety of menstrual protection methods, which can be reusable or disposable, however, we do not obtain the same absorption benefits with both options.

One of the most frequent concerns is which product is better at protecting us from the dreaded spotting.

Reusable vs. disposable products

Below we will compare some of Ecowoman's flagship products with frequently used disposable products:

  • For Everyday

Ecowoman's classic, seamless, see-through menstrual panties have an absorption capacity equivalent to 3 disposable tampons and 27 ml of blood. This far exceeds the absorption capacity of the conventional tampon, which has an average capacity of 5 to 15 ml of blood depending on the size and level of absorbency. 

For the first menstruation, menstrual panties for teens were designed, which have the same absorption capacity as the classic period panties.

  • Special Occasions

In case you are looking for a less visible product, menstrual thongs have an absorption capacity equivalent to 1 disposable tampon and more than 9ml of blood. They are ideal for any occasion that requires a much more concealable undergarment. 

Although they have less absorption capacity than classic panties due to their design and functionality, they do allow for better absorption compared to average tampons. 

  • Day and night pads

If you are more of a pad lover, you can opt for cloth pads designed for both day and night. During the day, you will get an absorption capacity equivalent to 2 disposable tampons and 18ml of blood. That is, compared to the traditional tampon, your pads will absorb between 28 and 48 ml of blood while the tampon absorbs a maximum of 15 ml. 

For overnight pads, the absorption capacity increases to the equivalent of 3 disposable tampons and 27 ml of blood which would be equivalent to 42-72 ml of blood. 

It is important to keep in mind that the absorption capacity may vary according to the type of product, skin type, and type of menstrual cycle. Many factors can affect the effectiveness of a product, mainly an inadequate use of the product, such as too much time with the product. 

We recommend that before using any product, you evaluate which one best suits your needs and preferences to get the most out of your menstrual protection method, allowing you to live your day-to-day life with peace of mind and confidence.
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