Irregular Menstruation. What to do?

Irregular Menstruation. What to do?


Has it happened to you that you are out with your friends and suddenly you get your period and do not have any sanitary pads because, according to your menstrual calendar, you still have a few more days before your cycle begins? This is the nightmare that girls with irregular periods have to go through. If you are wondering how to emerge victorious from an irregular cycle without any stains in public, we will help you.  


Irregular cycle 

A menstrual cycle is considered irregular if the cycle has constantly varied over the last six months or has become unpredictable. This can be considered normal during the first years of menstruation or at the beginning of menopause. But, if none is your case, it is necessary to pay attention to what is causing this disorder in your menstrual cycle



Causes of irregular cycles. 

The most common causes are menopause and pregnancy. There are also other factors that influence irregular cycles, to which we do not pay attention. These are: 

  • Sleep disorders
  • Low weight 
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome 
  • Lactation and 
  • Uterine fibroids


How can I be sure my cycle is regular?

If you are not sure your period is irregular, you can try to monitor it to prove it. Write down the date, the time between each menstrual cycle; if the bleeding gets heavier each period, or remains the same. Bleeding between periods and any other change is a symptom of an irregular cycle.


How can I be prepared?

Always keep sanitary pads on hand; you do not know when you will need them. Plus, you can choose to use eco-friendly sanitary pads, which are more comfortable, do not cause any health problems and in addition, you help the environment. 

You can also pay attention to the signs your body sends before your menstrual cycle, which are: 

  • Mood changes: this moment where you feel very sensitive or when everything upsets you. Then, the next day, you get your period, and it all makes sense. 
  • Sensitive or swollen breasts: this is also a very common symptom, and it clearly says “menstruation is on its way”.
  •  Breakouts: if you experience breakouts and you have been eating healthy, it is probable that your menstrual cycle is about to start. 

Headaches and backaches: They are also a reminder that will help you detect the beginning of your menstrual cycle.



Should I visit the doctor if my cycle is irregular? 

In some cases, it is necessary to talk to a gynecologist if your cycles become irregular, since this could be a symptom of a serious disease. You should immediately go to the doctor if:

  1. You experience bleeding between menstrual cycles. 
  2. You have not gotten your period after 90 days and you are not pregnant. 
  3. Your period is shorter than 21 days.
  4. You have a fever during your menstruation.
  5. You have serious pain.

In some cases, improving the diet can help regulate the menstrual cycle. Some girls also choose to take birth control pills to regulate their cycles. If you do not wish to use any of these methods, talk to a gynecologist to rule out any disease, and always be prepared with ecofriendly pads.

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