Menstrual Cup

What is a menstrual cup

A menstrual cup, also known as a vaginal cup, is a device designed to be inserted into the vagina during menstruation to contain menstrual flow, similar to tampons, pads or panty liners. Like these products, it is used internally, but unlike them, it does not absorb blood. Instead, it retains it inside the cup until it is removed from the vagina and the contents are flushed down the toilet. These cups can be made of various materials such as latex, medical silicone or TPE, and are safe for the body as they do not cause allergies or vaginal irritation, and do not generate waste like conventional menstrual products.

The main distinction between the menstrual cup and other products such as tampons, pads or panty liners lies in its reusability. It is not a disposable product, but after each use, it is emptied, cleaned with water and reinserted. In addition, it is sterilized after each menstruation for use in the next menstrual cycle, and can last up to 10 years.

How does the menstrual cup work?

Learning to use a menstrual cup is a simple process: first, it is folded and inserted into the vagina during the days of menstruation. After a few hours, depending on the menstrual flow, it is removed, emptied into the toilet and cleaned with water or paper. Once clean, it is reinserted and that's it. It is a painless, odorless and generally unnoticeable process. At first, it may require some practice, and you may experience some leakage or difficulty in removing it, which can generate some anxiety. However, like everything else, it gets better with practice. Remember how you felt the first time you used a tampon? It probably wasn't easy, but now you can do it even with your eyes closed.

What does the menstrual cup look like?

The menstrual cup, as its name suggests, has a shape similar to that of a cup. Its design is wider at the top and has a handle at the bottom, which can be shaped like a nipple, ball or ring, and remains inside the vagina, unlike the string of a tampon that remains outside. These cups can be found in clear or colored versions. Most of them have perforations at the top, which allow air to enter once inserted into the vagina, ensuring that the cup remains open. In addition, menstrual cups are not rigid, but are flexible like the nipple of a baby bottle. For insertion, it is necessary to bend it, as it is impossible to insert it in its open state; once inside, it expands automatically, as shown in the illustrations.

The lower end of the menstrual cup is designed for easy removal. It is not a funnel, but a solid handle that serves the function similar to the string present in tampons. Some cups even include a measuring device, which is useful in case it is necessary to provide menstrual information to the doctor or gynecologist.

The best menstrual cup: types and sizes

Discover the revolution in menstrual care with Ecowoman Menstrual Cup! The Menstrual Cup is the healthiest, most economical and ecological option to manage your menstruation. Forget about disposable tampons and pads and join the sustainable movement with the Menstrual Cup. Made with high quality materials such as medical silicone, the Menstrual Cup is safe, hypoallergenic and easy to use. With different sizes and colors available, you'll find the perfect cup for you - reduce your environmental impact and improve your well-being with the Menstrual Cup! Buy now and experience the freedom and comfort it offers.

Today, the market offers a wide variety of menstrual cup brands, some with different sizes, colors and finishes. Choosing a menstrual cup can be complicated when you have no previous experience and do not know which brand you prefer, what size you need, or whether you prefer a handle, ring, ball, etc., and in what color. Some brands manufacture only one size, while others offer more, such as Ecowoman. Why this difference? Simply because every woman is different. When we talk about size, we are referring to the diameter of the cup and the amount of flow it can hold. Some companies, such as Ecowoman, offer menstrual cups in mini size (size S), designed for girls who are just starting their menstruation. These are smaller and, therefore, easier to insert because of the narrower vaginal walls. However, not every girl who starts using a menstrual cup in her first year needs a cup of this size. It's similar to saying that if everyone decided to use tampons, they should use mini tampons. Although they are easier to use at first, they will not be useful if you have a lot of flow. That is why there are different sizes to suit various needs, such as heavy, normal or light flow, women who have given birth, women with no sexual experience, women with weak pelvic floor or sporty women.

As for the types of cups, the first difference lies in the manufacturing material: some are made of TPE, a type of plastic, while others are made of medical silicone. Some brands offer varieties in colors and even textures, but all perform their function correctly.

Why is it better to use a vaginal cup than the usual tampons and pads?

Menstrual cups are an environmentally friendly option due to their reusability, which significantly reduces the amount of waste we generate. Have you ever wondered how many kilograms of waste we generate each year using tampons and pads? Imagine the positive impact we can have on the planet, as well as on our budget, by opting for the menstrual cup and avoiding the need to replace tampons or pads every menstrual cycle. In addition, its use is beneficial to our health: unlike pads and tampons, which can cause dryness, candidiasis and Toxic Shock Syndrome, the menstrual cup has no negative effects on our health, is not noticeable when used and does not alter our menstruation.

What is the Ecowoman menstrual cup sterilizer cup?

The ecowoman's menstrual cup sterilizing cup is an accessory designed to facilitate the cleaning and disinfection of the cup. It is made of a heat-resistant material, such as silicone or microwave-safe plastic. Its main function is to provide a safe environment to sterilize the menstrual cup after each use, eliminating potentially harmful bacteria and microorganisms. The sterilization process is simple: place the menstrual cup inside the sterilizing cup, add water to completely cover it and place it in the microwave for a few minutes according to the indicated instructions. Once the sterilization cycle is complete, the cup is ready for its next use, ensuring optimal hygiene and a safe menstrual experience.

This menstrual cup sterilizer is included with every Ecowoman menstrual cup, as well as a cotton bag for storage and instructions and packaging.

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