Menstruation and postpartum reusable pads

Menstruation and postpartum reusable pads



For all those women who have just given birth, postpartum pads are one of those essential products mandatory to make the postpartum process a bit less uncomfortable. You need to consider this is the period of time in which your body orchestrates the complete recovery of your reproductive system after childbirth. These products are specially designed to absorb all those liquids, fluids, and vaginal secretions that are produced after childbirth.

Today, more and more women are choosing to use reusable cloth pads instead of the traditional disposable postpartum pads, and the reason is simple: convenience! In those moments when the genital area is sore, a cloth pad will always be much more comfortable than the typical cotton ones with lots of plastics and chemicals.

If you have made the decision to use reusable pads, it is important to be clear about some points, although the use of this type of pads is not something complicated:


Points to consider if you want to use reusable postpartum pads


1. The number of reusable pads you will use.

It is important to consider that those first two days after childbirth, the flow is usually abundant. Therefore, you will need to change the pads at least every two hours. Taking this into account, you will need at least 24 pads to cope with those two days.

 That is why you should analyze whether you have enough reusable pads at home or need to buy more. However, since you will be washing and drying them, the quantity can be usually reduced.


2. Do the people who will help you agree with this type of pads?

Before you fully decide to use reusable postpartum pads, it is best to consult with your gynecologist and the person who will accompany you during the recovery process of childbirth if they agree with such a decision.

That person is the one who will be checking your fluid losses during the first days, and most likely the one washing and drying them, so it may happen that they do not agree with this type of compresses and prefer the disposable ones.

In case you both agree, opt for white reusable pads, these will be ideal for monitoring blood and fluids much more easily.


3.    How many reusable postpartum pads will I use?

There is no exact amount since every mom has different blood flow levels. However, what is certain is that you will need at least one reusable postpartum pad every three hours for the first two days.

This means that during the first 48 hours you will use approximately 16 to 24 pads, but if you wash them between uses, the number can be reduced to 12.





Postpartum flow panties.

Reusable flow panties are a popular option, able to provide comfort and security to moms during their postpartum process. These are designed similarly to regular panties, with the plus that both the inside and outside, these include absorbents to avoid accidents.

What do you think? Would you like to join the reusable pads' revolution? If you want to know more about our hygiene products, visit The Eco Woman and see it for yourself!
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