Caring for the environment is caring for our future generations.

Caring for the environment is caring for our future generations.



Climate change is endangering the stability and future of our planet Earth. So, talking about sustainable development without considering future generations is no longer an option.

If we want to reduce our impact, we need to start acting right now. The time is running away from our hands and our future generations are in big danger if we sit around and wait. We need to begin being the change we want to see in our planet, for them.


How can we contribute to future generations?


Let’s work together and begin building true revolutions through transformative actions

Recently, many official institutions, such as NGOs, and private agencies have alerted the population of the devastating predictions for the year 2050: The data collected are alarming.

This shows us the incredible hazard of the situation. Therefore, a "change of mentality" is no longer enough. If we want to reverse the effects of this major environmental problem, we need to take actions that are truly going to make a difference.

Although the future seems to be somewhat uncertain, far from being alarmed, we need to occupy ourselves and start working together, as a society, to reverse the enormous negative impact we have had over the years.


The time to act is NOW.

The earth does not only belong to us, there are many coming after we have passed, and these new generations also have the right to live in a balanced ecosystem. If we want to give them a better future. We need to act decisively.




-We need to move towards intelligent energy production and consumption:

It is necessary to pay attention to our production and consumption models. Human beings are characterized by consuming more resources than they can produce. Smart consumption would be a truly effective solution.

The consumption of non-renewable energies is incredibly high. We are depleting what little resources we still have left. That is why the use of clean and natural sources such as the sun, the power of the sea, or the wind, will undoubtedly be an escape route.


-Plastic: the number one enemy of our seas and soils.

The situation of plastic is also alarming, the damage that this material causes to our seas and soils is surprising. What is certain is that there are many alternatives to minimize the damage. The simplest one: Avoid all single-use plastics as much as possible.  Choose to reuse and recycle.

Environmental education is and will be the fundamental pillar to make any change in our environment. It is necessary to make people aware and treat this topic as a compulsory subject at every level of study. Raising awareness from an early age to love and respect for nature might be the cure to our global illnesses.

In The Eco Woman we know how important small actions are, and although they may seem insignificant, all together they add up.

The simple fact of using reusable menstrual hygiene products is undoubtedly a way to contribute to our planet’s wellbeing and give our future generations a better place to live.
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