Allergies caused by disposable naps: How can I deal with them?

Allergies caused by disposable naps: How can I deal with them?



Surely you have heard of a friend or close relative to whom all types of disposable pads cause irritation in the intimate area and, even having tried one after another, cannot find one that fits her body.

 This can be caused by an allergy to sanitary napkins, which is nothing more than a contact dermatitis which causes irritation in the intimate area. Allergies/irritation arise from the friction of the skin with the pad or it can also happen due to the presence of some irritating substances, such as, for example, odor inhibitors or perfume.


How do I know if I am allergic to disposable pads?

This type of allergy usually causes great pain and discomfort in women who suffer from it, as it causes redness, inflammation and itching in the intimate area, which may affect their daily routine.

 Therefore it is important to see a doctor so that he/she can indicate the most appropriate treatment to minimize the discomfort and thus eliminate the dermatitis.


Generally, the symptoms of allergy in women are as follows.

  • Appearance of rashes.

  • Burning, irritation.

  • Presence of small wounds.

  • Intense redness and itching.

  • Inflammation of the intimate area.

How can I treat allergies caused by disposable naps?

In case of this type of allergy, the treatment to be followed should be one guided by your doctor, who may indicate the use of an ointment or cream containing either corticosteroids or antihistamines to minimize the discomfort.

 It is also very important that you avoid the use of disposable pads, as these are the cause of such dermatitis. That is why during your menstrual period, you can opt for other options which do not complicate the discomfort caused by the allergy.


Menstrual cups, reusable padsabsorbent panties.

Nowadays there are several menstrual hygiene products that are making women's lives much easier. For those women who suffer from allergies due to disposable pads, these are definitely a recommended option.

In the case of the menstrual cup, this product is highly recommended, it is made with medical silicone which is a type of rubber used in the manufacture of surgical materials, with which 100% hypoallergenic and malleable products are made.

Reusable pads and absorbent panties are a very effective option for relieving and preventing allergies in the intimate area. They are designed and manufactured with natural materials instead of synthetic materials. You can also find them in different presentations to adapt to different types of flows.

Keep in mind that hygiene in your intimate area during your period is also important. Avoid using all those products which may cause irritation, such as: moisturizers and soaps not suitable for the intimate area.

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