Why do I have clots during my menstruation?



Since puberty, menstruation has become a constant in many women's lives. Throughout our lives, there are countless menstrual flows that we will see in our menstrual pads. Some are more liquid and intense in color, others are a little darker and with small blood bubbles. 

These "blood clots" usually appear during menstruation, mostly due to excessive blood flows. They create when the anticoagulant factors in the body cannot keep all that blood in liquid form. 

But you can be calm, it is normal and most of them are not so big and do not cause any pain. 

But to what extent is it normal, and what are the signs that would indicate that you need to go to the doctor?

Come with me to find out!


Should I worry if there are clots in my period? 

It has happened to more than one of us that we see small blood clots in our pads. At first glance it seems strange, but it is very normal. These little "blood clots" are composed of a discharge that is thicker than normal. 

These can be sometimes gelatinous, sometimes a little more liquid and sometimes more elastic. But let me tell you, it is a common event during the menstrual period.

You are probably wondering if your body produces more anticoagulants so that the flow can be expelled without any inconvenience. Why are there clots in my menstrual flow? Well, it usually happens that in such heavy periods the anticoagulant agents do not have enough time to act. 




Menstrual flow is much more than blood!

As you may well know, menstruation is that signal that tells us women that we are not pregnant!

So menstrual flow is not only blood, it includes the unfertilized egg, endometrial lining remains, past menstruation and vaginal discharge. 

The presence of all these tissues causes some clots in the menstrual flow, so it could be said that it is quite normal.


To what extent are blood clots normal?

As long as they are small in size (about the size of a coin), it is quite normal to see clots during the menstrual period. So there is no need to worry.

Generally, these clots appear much more frequently during the first two days of your period. This is because these days are usually the most abundant. However, you should take into account that these clots can appear on any day, especially if you have very heavy flows. 




When should I go to the doctor?

Clots during menstruation are perfectly normal, as mentioned above. However, it is important to be aware of some signs that your body may show you

  • Larger clots than usual.
  • Light bleeding after your period is over.
  • Anxiety.
  • Very heavy flow.
  • Unbearable menstrual cramps.

As mentioned above, menstrual clots are normal during your period.

For more comfort during the first two days, which is where clots usually appear. You can use ecological pads and reusable panties. Unlike disposable pads, these will make you feel much calmer, comfortable and safe, all thanks to their design and materials.
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