What is the true meaning of living an ecological and sustainable lifestyle?

What is the true meaning of living an ecological and sustainable lifestyle?



It is no secret that climate change is already affecting many aspects of our lives. That is why it is more than necessary to do everything in our power to help minimize these terrible effects.

How can we do it? Simple, by making small changes in our lifestyle, that is to say, all our daily activities can generate a positive impact on our planet earth.

Are you aware of what having a sustainable lifestyle really means? It's time to find out.


What does it mean to lead an ecological lifestyle?

- It is about understanding the fragility of our environment

The first step to living a more environmentally friendly life is to really understand the fragility of the environment and to be truly aware of the damage we are causing.

Being an ecological person implies living without harming our environment and minimizing all kinds of damage we could cause through our habits. This goes beyond simply turning off the lights and not throwing garbage in the street. It is to become aware of the role we play in the balance of our ecosystem.





- A lifestyle that cares and worries about nature

Take some time to evaluate your own habits. Try to change your selection of daily products, find ones that do less harm to the environment

Try to be conscious about the impact you have on the environment as an individual and try to decrease it as much as you can as soon as you can. Get informed and support the pro-environment organizations.


Ideas to lead a sustainable lifestyle. 

  • Use as little electricity as you can, use natural sunlight instead; paint your walls with light colors, so you won’t have to turn the lights on during the day.

  • Forget about paper napkins! Employ re-usable products in your kitchen.

  • Make your own vegetable garden on your balcony and consume fresh, natural products from it

  • Try not to use plastic containers or bags

  • Don’t just throw old medications away, take them to specialized places that can treat them and make them less harmful to the planet

  • Classify your trash and give recycling a try

  • Use beauty products that do not allow animal testing or violence

  • Opt for local products, seasonal fruits and vegetables, or sustainable building materials. This way, you’ll help reduce the use of fuels and highly polluting chemical products.

  • Choose products from the enterprises compromised with saving the environment over those who don’t.

  • Minimize the use of women’s hygiene products, such as pads or tampons, and turn to re-usable products, like the menstrual cup and EcoPanties.


What will we achieve if we practice a more environmentally friendly lifestyle?

When we replace our lifestyle with a much more environmentally friendly one, we will become responsible and conscious of our actions towards the environment. But not only this, we will also be able to see how our health will improve significantly by consuming much more organic food and using products free of chemicals and pollutants.

Here in The Eco Woman, we know that our small but important actions in favor of biodiversity and ecosystems will cause a positive impact on the suffering planet earth.

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