Reasons why you get pimples during your menstruation



It's no secret. There are many of us women who deal with annoying pimples when the menstrual cycle appears. While some women go from small pimples to large acne breakouts, others suffer from large acne outbreaks. Why does this happen?

As we all know, the entire menstrual cycle involves numerous hormonal processes that affect the entire body. Hormones have very varied effects among which acne is one of them. Join me to learn a little more about this topic.


Acne and menstruation. 

In adolescence, one of the persistent changes during this stage is the increase of testosterone in both sexes. Several studies affirm that these hormonal processes are responsible for acne. This process tends to disappear or improve during adulthood. 

However, 80% of adults suffer from acne and these are women. Contrary to men, this hormone remains present throughout the female life. It is during the menstrual cycle that this hormonal change can affect mainly the skin. We can see noticeable changes in terms of sensitivity, hydration and regeneration. 




So why do acne appear?

During the menstrual period, estrogen levels tend to drop, while testosterone levels increase. 

Considering that estrogen makes the skin much more hydrated, improves collagen, increases skin thickness, and improves the skin barrier function.  When the levels of this hormone drop, the skin is unprotected. 

Testosterone greatly stimulates the sebaceous glands causing much more sebum to be produced, which when combined with dead skin cells causes clogging.

Since the pores are filled with sebum, the environment is created for countless batteries to proliferate, resulting in inflammatory acne. That is, those annoying acne pimples that appear especially on the face.


How can we deal with menstrual acne?

In addition to taking care of your feminine intimate hygiene with eco pads to avoid discomfort and allergies in the vaginal area. It is also important to pay attention to the skin and give it the care it deserves.

  • Stay well hydrated. Water is a fundamental element to eliminate all those toxins through urine and sweating. This vital liquid will help you to clean the pores dragging all the dirt and dead cells that may clog them.
  • You should pay close attention to facial hygiene, especially during these days. Try to use less aggressive products against the skin. An example of this is micellar waters. If you use products such as exfoliants you can stimulate the sebaceous glands.
  • Do not manipulate your pimples! This can be counterproductive as a wound can form which can lead to a blemish or scar. 



Is it necessary to see a dermatologist?

Yes, the appearance of acne during the menstrual period is totally normal. However, if after menstruation these pimples continue to appear or worsen, you should see a dermatologist. This may indicate that it is more than just acne. 

Your skin also deserves a lot of love and care, especially during those days of the month. As you noticed, just like the vaginal area, it is also prone to bacteria. 

As well as using our eco pads you will be taking care of your intimate area as they are free of chemicals. You should also use makeup and skincare products that are much friendlier to your skin and the environment.
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