Skin types and specific care for each.

Skin types and specific care for each.

Skin types and specific care for each

It’s no secret that all women want to have the best skin possible, but do you really know how to treat yours specifically? There are different types of skin so each of them will require totally different care.

In the following post, we will teach you some keys so you can know which one is your case and so you can know how to take care of it.

Let’s start.

What is your skin type? Here’s how you should take care of it.

Do you have dry skin?

This skin type generally tends to be rough and can sometimes feel itchy or tight. It also tends to look really pale and with very little vitality. In some cases flaking, redness and irritation may occur.

Dry skin is due to a loss of moisture and natural oils.  In other words, there is an alteration of the natural factor that regulates the production of sebum and the level of hydration.

How can you take care of it?

  • To take care of this type of skin it is essential to drink plenty of water.
  • Avoid exposing the skin to high temperatures.
  • Perform subtle cleansing without harsh scrubbing.
  • Always use nourishing and moisturizing products, whether in creams, ointments, balms, or oils. This is how you can balance moisture loss in the skin.

Do you have oily skin?

This type of skin is characterized by excessive shine, thickness, and the presence of enlarged pores and abundant blackheads.

Oily skin is due to excess sebum in the epidermis. Generally, this type of skin tends to present acne situations.

How can you take care of it?

  • If you have oily skin it is advisable to use products that are not aggressive.
  • Exfoliate your skin constantly and use micellar waters.
  • Very important when removing makeup, try to do it in the best way without leaving any residue on the skin.

Do you have sensitive skin?

This type of skin is characterized by being really intolerant, which means,  it reacts abnormally to some stimuli. Causing a sensation of itching, tingling, or heat on the skin.

All this is produced by an alteration in the epidermis. Where the protective function decreases significantly, thus dehydrating the skin which facilitates the absorption of highly irritating agents.

How can you take care of it?

  • Avoid exposure to low temperatures. Try as far as possible not to use irritating products such as exfoliating products.
  • Try not to expose yourself to the sun without any kind of protection as this could be very harmful to the skin.
  • Always use gentle products that are suitable for sensitive skin but do not overuse them.
  • Rub the skin very carefully and something very important is not to abuse the makeup.

These are just some basic skin care tips.  But it is very important that in case you have any type of alteration in your skin, consult a dermatologist immediately, they are the best ones to provide you with the treatment you will need.


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