How to use and care for my menstrual panties properly



We live
in a world where more and more people are aware of climate change. That is why, like other products, feminine hygiene products are undergoing an incredible eco-friendly change. In the beginning, it was the menstrual cup, then reusable pads and now it's menstrual panties

Menstrual panties are an undergarment designed to be worn during the menstrual period in place of disposable products such as tampons or pads. As a relatively new feminine hygiene product, there may be many questions and concerns about how to use them and how they should be washed. 

If you've decided to start using menstrual panties but you're still not sure about how to best use and maintain them, don't worry!, we'll clarify these points below. If you're interested, join me. 

Tips on how to use and care for menstrual panties. 

Reusable panties are designed to feel and look like regular underwear. That is, they are lightweight and non-bulky. These delicate garments are made with special fabrics and extra layers placed in the crotch area to prevent leaks or stains

You can use it at any time of your menstrual cycle. It doesn't matter if it is as an exclusive method or as a complement to tampons or reusable pads. The absorbent area of the panty will guarantee you at least 8 to 12 hours of protection

Although they may look like normal underwear, they don't wash in the same way. It's not a matter of just throwing them in the washing machine. If you don't do it carefully, the fabric of the garment may be affected. So the purpose for which they were designed, to absorb menstrual flow, will not be fulfilled. 




How can you take care of your menstrual panties?

Washing your menstrual panties is no big deal. You won't need expensive dry cleaning or sophisticated products. It's just a matter of following a few instructions to do it the right way. 

1. Soaking:

Once you remove your menstrual panties, place them in cold water to rinse them to remove most of the absorbed fluids. Then, very gently, rub the crotch area with your hands to make sure it is clean enough. 

2. Washing:

However, you can wash your menstrual panties in two ways: in the washing machine or by hand. In case you use the washing machine you can place them in a washable mesh bag and wash them on a gentle or delicate cycle. You can do this along with all your underwear or regular clothes so you don't have to do more than one load. 

Avoid using any type of fabric softener as it can have a negative effect on the material of your menstrual panties, instead, you can use a gentle detergent

3. Drying: 

Avoid putting your menstrual panties in a dryer. Instead, you can hang them to dry, this will help increase the durability of the fabric. Because of the layers of materials used, it may take a little longer to dry, so be patient. 

Still not decided on menstrual panties? Remember that it is not necessary to use this method exclusively during your menstrual cycle, although you can combine them with panty liners and reusable pads. It's all a matter of how comfortable you feel.
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