Yoga postures to relieve menstrual pain

Yoga postures to relieve menstrual pain

Every woman's body is and functions differently. The same happens with menstruation, we will never find two menstrual cycles that develop in the same way.
While some periods go unnoticed and without any complications, other women must deal with severe pain which sometimes hinders the day to day.

Is it possible to relieve menstrual pain without taking any kind of drugs?

Although it may be hard to believe, the practice of gentle physical activity helps to reduce these annoying pains during the period. An example of this is to practice some yoga positions during these days.

Interested? let's go for it.

5 effective yoga positions to minimize menstrual cramps.

You only need 10 minutes to do this routine of positions at home. This is how you will be able to connect with yourself, getting enough energy to relieve these annoying pains.

1. Downward facing dog:

This is one of the basic positions in yoga. There are multiple benefits that are obtained in our body by doing this posture. Not only do you strengthen and stretch your body, you can also bring a lot of calm to your mind. This posture allows you to stretch your lower back, thus helping you to soothe the pain originating in the lower back.

2. Child's pose:

The child's pose is characterized by being a resting position, so it would be very convenient to perform it for example after the downward dog posture. This posture is ideal to relax the lower back, which is one of the parts that suffers the most during menstruation. 



3. Utkata Konasana:

The Utkata Konasana is an ideal posture to go to bed completely calm and relaxed. This posture is able to relieve the pelvic area by opening the groin and thus stimulating the ovaries.

The first few days you may feel some discomfort, take it easy. Gradually you will find it much more comfortable to do this type of posture.

4. The camel:

The camel can be said to be one of the postures a little more complex, but what is true, is that it is really effective to relieve pain in the lower abdomen in addition to considerably stretch the pelvis. Besides this, it is highly recommended to calm anxiety.

5. El arco:

The arch is that posture which invites us to make a total arch with our body. Since in this position we stretch the abdomen, we can reduce the pain in this area, since this posture is able to stimulate the reproductive organs as well as strengthen your back.


We hope these yoga poses can bring some relief to your menstrual cramps. Remember to always maintain proper intimate hygiene and if you wish you can make use of our reusable pads and period panties during your period.

This way you will be fully connected to yourself as well as to nature.

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