Why it is important to record your cycle and how to be prepared with your eco products



It is no secret that many of us women live a somewhat accelerated life, but this should not prevent you from keeping track of your menstrual cycle.

Not just because menstruation catches you off guard and you are unprepared with your eco products. Keeping a record is also important to know your menstrual cycle in-depth. 

This implies of course that you should write down everything related to your menstrual period; dates, symptoms, among others. In short, it is constantly monitoring that will allow you to know yourself much better, schedule your activities, and always be prevented.


Reasons why keeping track of your menstrual cycle is always a very good option. 

1. It will help you understand the patterns of your menstrual cycle. 

A very simple way to keep track of your period is when the first bleeding starts. This is how you can begin to find out the exact length of your menstrual cycle. 

By keeping track and being aware of your menstrual cycle you can be fully alert and prepared so that your next period doesn't catch you off guard.




2. You will understand much better some aspects related to your health and well-being. 

For many women, the menstrual cycle is a perfect indicator of their overall health. Having a totally unpredictable or heavy period, or missing your period, may indicate conditions to watch out for. 

That is why keeping track of your menstrual cycle and recording all the details of your menstrual cycle may help you remember things that might be overlooked and that you should keep in mind in case you go for a consultation with your medical professional.


3. You know and manage your moods much better.

As we all know, the menstrual cycle is a whirlwind of hormonal changes. Throughout the cycle, different moods may appear. Irritability, anxiety, sadness. Identifying all these changes and keeping track of each of them is the key to understanding the rhythm in which your menstrual cycle moves. 

How can I keep track of my menstrual cycle?

There are two ways you can keep track of your menstrual cycle. You can either use a personalized paper calendar or you could also use an app on your cell phone. It's just a matter of you deciding, the most important thing here is that you are disciplined and can keep track without missing each month. 

By recording your data on a daily basis you will be able to get much more accurate control of both your menstrual cycle and your ovulation. The more data you collect, the more you can be 100% prepared for your next period. 




Get ready with your menstrual kits of organic products. 

Remember to always be prepared with your menstrual kits so that your period doesn't catch you off guard. Always keep on hand our ecological pads, reusable panty liners, absorbent panties, and anything else you may need. The important thing is that you feel comfortable during these days no matter where you are.
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