Why is an annual visit to the gynecologist important?

Why is an annual visit to the gynecologist important?



As time passes, gynecological consultations are more and more feared by women. Many spend their lives without any kind of gynecological checkup until it is strictly necessary, and this must stop.

The best cure for any disease is prevention, and even more so when it comes to the sexual health of every woman. Most of the diseases that attack a woman's intimacy are completely silent and are only discovered when the symptoms appear, and then it is usually already late.

Sex education begins at birth.

Sexual issues should be addressed from the moment we are born, naming intimate parts and not talking about the evolution of the human body and its normal changes are still part of the mistakes parents make. This is one of the reasons why many women are afraid to attend their annual checkups.

From what age should a woman start going to the gynecologist?

Every woman who is sexually active, that is, from her first menstrual cycle, should become familiar with the gynecologist. Also, if she has already begun sexual activity, it is also convenient to visit the office for a routine checkup, and from the age of 25, all women should have their annual consultation.




All preventive and hygienic measures are necessary.

Before beginning an active sexual life, the beginning of motherhood, or simply wanting to have a healthy intimacy, it is important to comply with all safety protocols:

  • The annual visit to the gynecologist is the first, primordial step.
  • Perform all the routine exams that the gynecologist prescribes such as; pap smear, breast exam, vaginal ultrasound, and abdominal exam.
  • Eliminate the use of douches.
  • Use cotton underwear.
  • You could use ecological pads for all the benefits they offer.
  • Attend a consultation and do not self-medicate


In the hands of professionals.

It is important to trust the professional we consult; a doctor not only performs a physical examination, but also asks us a series of questions to formulate a medical history, which is extremely important to elaborate on possible diagnoses and to have a better understanding of what may be happening. Their skills will give us confidence and security. Moreover, we need to make this consultation annually to renew these evaluations and know that no anomalies have appeared.

Going on time is better

In order to protect your health and prevent any future bigger issues, it is important that you do not forget your annual visit to the gynecologist. Remember that a timely diagnosis is better than many untimely treatments.

Do not let your nerves impede you from going. This is about your health and well-being. Sexual health is very important. It depends on you to have a healthy sexual life.
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