The right underwear for your intimate zone

The right underwear for your intimate zone



When buying underwear, we are mostly thinking about that passionate encounter we might or might not have in the future, so we tend to let aesthetics prevail over practicality or even health. And this should not happen.

Some women can wear any type of underwear, and it does not seem to affect them at all. However, there is another group of women who have much more sensitive skin. Therefore, the intimate area is exposed to continuous irritations as well as a possible spread of fungi and bacteria. 

So what should I take into account when buying underwear? Join me to find out. 


What should I consider when choosing my panties?

  • Opt for cotton underwear:

Cotton is by nature a soft, lightweight, and hypoallergenic material. Therefore, choosing underwear made of cotton is more than recommended. This type of material not only prevents irritation. You will also be protecting your intimate area from moisture thanks to its absorbent and breathable properties. In this way, the chances of getting any kind of infection, fungi, or bacteria will decrease considerably.




  • Always find your exact size:

Believe me, choosing the exact size of underwear can avoid many problems. When you have a very tight one, it could affect your health considerably: Whether it puts pressure on your stomach or is too tight below the hips, it will directly affect your circulation, and you may experience irritation, tingling, or numbness. 

To avoid this, always try on different sizes, and don’t be afraid to go up the numbers! you must do what’s right for your own health.


  • If you are going to workout.¬†

During any physical activity, it is completely normal for our body to sweat. If your panties are designed with silk or lace, the moisture remains inside the panty. So it is very likely you will get some kind of infection. 

To avoid this, you could use underwear made of cotton, or any other type of absorbent fabric. Likewise, regardless of the type of material you use, it is important to change your panties once the physical activity is finished, it is necessary to avoid moisture in the intimate area and thus avoid infections.




  • During your period.

This time is essential for women. We all understand that menstruation does not represent something impure, but we still must take the necessary hygiene measures. Not having the right underwear during these days can lead to major vaginal infections.

It is best to opt for soft, breathable, and hypoallergenic fabrics. Currently, you can find the fabulous EcoPanties. With them, you will not only be comfortable, but you will also considerably reduce the waste caused by disposable pads. Helping not only the environment but also your pocket.
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