The high price of menstruation: what no one says about disposable feminine hygiene products.

The high price of menstruation: what no one says about disposable feminine hygiene products.



It is no secret that, to this day, menstruation is still a taboo. As if this were not enough, this issue has become for many women a factor of economic inequality.

No wonder. A woman needs to invest a great deal of money to resort to disposable feminine menstrual products.

This implies a considerable annual expense. So, if a woman menstruates approximately from the age of 12 until the age of 40, can you imagine the incredible expense this implies?


The incredible cost of menstruation that no one tells you

Spending on menstrual products like disposable pads and tampons is not an option, since having your period is not something you choose to have. So having a product that stores blood during your period is a necessity.

Many women are unaware of the incredible expense involved in using disposable pads and tampons during the menstrual period, either because of ignorance or because they simply do not pay much attention or importance to what menstruation implies for us women.




This is the approximate cost of menstruating for an average woman.

Considering that on average menstrual cycles are every 28 days, we will have a total of 13 menstrual periods per year. If we consider that each one lasts 5 days on average, this means that we will have a total of 65 days of menstruation per year.

In the market we can find that disposable pads of 16 units have an approximate value between 2 to 9 dollars depending on the brand and presentation. 

 If we use 5 disposable pads a day (it may vary depending on the amount of flow), we will realize that we will need at least 325 per year, which translates to 20 packs. Taking as a reference the 9-dollars pads, our annual expenditure would be 180 dollars.


Did you know that there are other options that allow you to save much more money?

Surely you have already heard of reusable sanitary pads, those that "our grandmothers used to use". These types of pads are not only environmentally friendly but also contribute to your wellbeing as they do not contain chemicals. Reusable pads also save you money.

Unlike those used by our grandmothers, nowadays this type of pads is designed to adapt perfectly to the blood flow of each woman. You can find them with fun designs and colors. In addition, its system allows you to adjust it perfectly to your underwear and that this does not move from place.

Nowadays, more and more women are choosing to use reusable sanitary pads. There are multiple benefits that can be obtained with this type of product. You will only need to make a small investment and you will have your reusable pads to accompany you for many years.

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