Tips for maintaining proper intimate hygiene

Tips for maintaining proper intimate hygiene

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Intimate hygiene is something that concerns hundreds of women on a daily basis. This not only extends to times when you may have a sexual encounter with your partner but also to proper hygiene during the menstrual cycle.

Many women find these days of the month uncomfortable, and it is not only necessary to make sure that there are no leaks that affect the daily life of each woman but also to make sure that these days are as healthy and hygienic as possible.

Join me to learn some tips that will be of great help to you.



Intimate hygiene tips to keep in mind during your menstrual cycle. 


  • Habits are important: maintaining cleanliness habits is very important, good vaginal health starts there. It is also important to know our intimacy and recognize the possible causes of alarm that indicate that something is wrong.
  • Cotton intimate apparel: although some garments can be very sexy, not all intimate apparel is healthy for daily use. Try to always wear cotton underwear that does not accumulate moisture and allows the skin to perspire, nothing tight and uncomfortable so that bacteria do not grow.
  • Excess soap should be avoided: remember that our vagina is so unique and special that she is self-cleaning, once a day you clean it with a neutral soap is enough. Excess moisture can generate fungus.
  • Choose your pads wisely, the more ecological the better, avoid plastics and materials that irritate and do not use pads with scents.
  • Avoid using intimate douches: they are totally unnecessary and do not contribute to your vaginal hygiene; on the contrary, they can alter your vaginal flora.



It does help you.

As we said before, proper intimate hygiene is the one that allows you to know the warning signs that can affect you and we can mention five things that do help.

  1. Visit the gynecologist once a year if everything is going well, twice a year if the doctor recommends it.
  2. Keep your intimate area cool, do not wear tight-fitting garments or materials that do not allow your vagina to breathe and perspire.
  3. Keep intimate relations protected, it is important to prevent not only unwanted pregnancies but mainly sexually transmitted diseases.
  4. Reinforce your hygiene during menstruation, opt for organic pads if possible, disposable pads often contain chemicals that do not favor you.
  5. After sexual intercourse, it is healthy to take steps to avoid infection. A normal way to release germs is to urinate after intercourse, thus avoiding their accumulation.

Any advice is not enough if it is not loaded with self-love and self-care, no one knows you better than yourself. Ideally, you should let go of your fears and prejudices and take the risk of stepping out of conventional patterns and start prioritizing your health, before anything else. There are things you can't see, but you can feel, and proper intimate health is something that has to make you feel good every day of your life.

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