Healthy habits to live your cycle positively

Healthy habits to live your cycle positively

Everyone nowadays is concerned about acquiring healthier lifestyles. People try to have a balance between the physical and mental so that they can feel good about themselves.

But did you know those habits should include feeling good during your menstrual cycles? So this time, we will go over some habits that can help you live these days in a positive, healthy way and in the best possible way.

There are many ways in which life changes during these menstrual cycle days and we are here to make those days easier for you when you just want to feel good.

1. Living healthy is living positively

The first thing you must understand is that the healthy habits you acquire during the days of menstruation will have a positive impact on the rest of the month and will make your life easier. Remember that a woman has about 400 menstrual cycles throughout her life.

Sleep well, exercise, stay hydrated, and clear your mind, are just some of the many ways you can stay healthy, especially on the days of your period.

2. Change the way you stay clean and dry

One way you can live healthier is by replacing disposable pads with eco-friendly panty liners which are made with materials that will give you protection and health, are environmentally friendly, and are a more sustainable option for your economy.

Also, the use of ecological pads is included in these healthy habits that you can acquire and begin to change intimate hygiene, avoiding possible allergies, chafing, and unpleasant odors.

3. Cotton is your friend

Remember that the best recommendation made by specialists is not to use underwear made of synthetic materials, very tight or daily disposable protectors, with scents or deodorants.

Ecowoman has for you a variety of clothing made of cotton that allows you to perspire naturally, your skin breathes and your intimate health is maintained, so a change in your underwear set would be a new healthy habit.

4. Pay attention to what you eat

Remember that what you eat not only influences how you feel during the days of your period, your diet directly changes the smell and sometimes even the color of your bleeding. Taking foods that can fill you with gas would not be recommended.

Increasing your intake of protein-rich foods, especially fish and nuts, and a diet high in fiber will help you a lot during these days of the period, with plenty of pure water, fruits, and foods rich in Omega-3.


5. Take time to exercise your body

Remember that you are not sick. The best time to exercise is precisely those days in which your body is throwing away the unfertilized egg through bleeding, so exercise can also help you eliminate toxins through sweat.

Take your time also to rest. Exercise is as important as rest. Usually, these days put us a little slower, then take advantage and rest as needed.

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