Ecological makeup: respectful with your skin and the environment

Ecological makeup: respectful with your skin and the environment



Eco-friendly, skin-friendly, and environmentally friendly makeup - isn't that a fantastic idea? Organic makeup has become a novel alternative that represents a totally sustainable beauty technique. 

We all love to look beautiful and use anything that makes us feel good inside and out. In this post, we will tell you a little about our beloved eco-friendly organic makeup. 


What are the benefits of having eco-friendly makeup? 

Organic makeup has become today, not only a healthy alternative for beauty but also contributes to the care of the environment. How does this happen? 

Because they are made with natural materials, this type of product avoids the uncontrolled use of chemical substances. These substances are responsible not only for damaging our skin but are also one of the causes of global warming. 

Although organic makeup may seem like something totally new as well as other products such as ecological sanitary napkins, the use of natural ingredients is as old as mankind itself, an example of this are the Geishas of the seventeenth century in Japan. 

These incredible women used makeup as part of their daily routine. Lipsticks made from saffron or makeup foundations with soy wax are just some of the natural ingredients they implemented as part of their makeup routine.




Contributions of Organic Makeup.

Organic makeup becomes without a doubt a tool that assures not only your own well-being but also the environment’s. There are innumerable benefits that this type of product can offer us.  Among them are: 

  • They care for, protect and regenerate our skin because they are free of chemical and toxic products.
  • They adapt perfectly to our skin in comparison to other makeup products, this is due to the fact that their components are much more similar to our epidermis.
  • It does not produce hazardous waste, so it is environmentally friendly.¬†
  • Applying a small amount is more than enough. So your products will last much longer compared to others.



Get creative: Make your own makeup at home.

Making your own toxic-free makeup is possible. Not only will this allow you to completely customize it. You can also avoid all those dangerous ingredients that abound in traditional makeup. 

Thanks to its natural ingredients: vegetable oils, butter, or clays. You will have an eco-friendly and totally healthy skincare option at hand. 

Using feminine products is attracting more and more attention from all the social and gender spheres. There needs to be a healthy option for all of us to look fabulous!

If you want to be more in tune with the environment, making your own makeup is not enough; the menstrual products' industry is also wreaking havoc on the environment and women's intimate health. 

So one way to make a positive contribution is to use sustainable products. One example is reusable pads and eco-panties.
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