5 Curiosities you didn't know about incontinence briefs

5 Curiosities you didn't know about incontinence briefs

Urinary incontinence is a topic that almost no one likes to talk about because it causes embarrassment. Urinary incontinence is the loss of bladder control with a minimum intensity, for example, when coughing or sneezing, or a maximum power where you feel a sudden urge to urinate and not get to the bathroom in time.

It does not distinguish between sexes and has no age limit. Both men and women of any age can suffer from it. It has led many to limit their lives and stay locked up at home for fear of "an accident" in the street. That is why incontinence briefs emerged as an answer to this need.

What are incontinence briefs?

It is reusable or disposable underwear designed for those who suffer from urinary incontinence that can make their lives normal without fear of suffering a spill in a public place, is made of hypoallergenic material with layers and a dressing responsible for containing urine for a certain time.

See incontinence panties.

Five curiosities you didn't know about incontinence panties

  1. It is a very old idea

Although it seems that talking about incontinence panties is new, it is not. Its use is ancient, so old that it appears reflected in some writings with the name of filthy rags, which was nothing more than rags used by women of the time.

  1. The use of a larger size does not mean that it absorbs more

Some people look for a larger size thinking that it will have a greater absorption capacity, which is false because buying a larger size means that it will not fit the body and will suffer leaks.

  1. Its function is to retain urine

All manufacturers of incontinence briefs in their product specifications emphasize that it is a product to retain urine because its design allows the person to feel confident that the briefs will contain it. 

That is not a product that will prevent, stop or eliminate incontinence.

  1. It is not a product exclusively for women.

As already mentioned, both men and women, regardless of age, can suffer from urinary incontinence, which is why in the market you can find incontinence panties in different sizes and for both sexes, designed to adapt anatomically to the body.

  1. They have 3/5 layers

Incontinence briefs are manufactured with three layers:

  • Inner layer: in direct contact with the skin, it is designed in a material that allows the easy passage of urine.
  • Intermediate layer: it is responsible for absorbing and avoiding bad odors.
  • Outer layer: it is responsible for impermeability and avoiding spills. Some come with a density indicator that changes color when it is very full.

The Eco Woman incontinence briefs are manufactured with five layers namely:

  1. The breathable top layer is antibacterial and neutralizes odors.
  2. The DryFit technology layer wicks away moisture and keeps you dry.
  3. The absorbent layer absorbs 12 times its weight in 3 seconds and distributes the flow evenly throughout the panty so you don't feel wet.
  4. PUL waterproof layer to prevent leaks.
  5. Super stretch nylon layer for maximum comfort.

It may not be a popular topic to talk about urinary incontinence, but definitely, those who suffer from it no longer need to isolate themselves from their social group and can continue with a normal life thanks to the use of incontinence panties.

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