What is said about COVID vaccines and menstruation?

What is said about COVID vaccines and menstruation?

Menstruation by itself causes a certain degree of stress among women, but if we add to this the stress left by the pandemic caused by Covid-19 and even more the talk of vaccines with their respective boosters. 

We would be talking about the largest vaccination plan in history in recent times. With recently elaborated vaccines that had to be tested in a very short time, however, they were approved assuring that they have been the cause that has prevented the spread of the virus and the increase in the mortality rate.

According to studies, seven out of ten women who received the vaccine reported changes in their menstruation after being inoculated. This study has been investigating post-vaccine symptoms and the majority of respondents reported heavier bleeding after vaccinations.

Possible disorders after vaccinations

Some of the changes observed after receiving the Covid vaccine were:

  • More abundant discharge.
  • More frequent bleeding.
  • Delayed menstrual periods.

In addition, it should be noted that the study determined that older people were the most affected by this menstrual dyscontrol, as well as Latinas or Hispanics and people who reported having overcome the virus.

Cases in which the disorder was notable

The studies conducted were prompted not only by the multiple reports of menstrual disorders but reports were also received from a group of people in whom it was unlikely that they could have them, for example:

  • People using long-acting contraceptives.
  • People undergoing gender-affirming hormone treatments.
  • Postmenopausal individuals.

The findings are encouraging

Finally, the report of the women surveyed, points to regularization in the menstrual cycle, after at least two menstrual cycles the majority reported a regularity in their periods, both in frequency and abundance of flow.

Measures were taken after vaccinations

The good news is, given that there have been a large number of reports and alerts about this, this opens a gap in the field of research, and questions remain to be answered.

Alterations in menstrual cycles are not a symptom or side effect that the laboratories saw as a possibility, however, the short time in which all this has been done means that there are still unanswered questions.

We recommend you, although it is unlikely that you belong to that group of people who have not yet received their dose of vaccine, take the necessary precautions if you are thinking of getting the Covid vaccine.


What can you do?

  1. A gynecological check-up before taking the vaccine would not be out of place.
  2. The use of ecological pads or period panties during the upcoming periods after the vaccinations.
  3. A medical follow-up for any other abnormal symptom after the inoculation.
  4. Take it easy. Stress can trigger much more than an irregular menstrual cycle.
Remember to see your trusted doctor for any eventuality and have regular check-ups to maintain your health and emotional stability. The post-pandemic has brought its own problems. Try to take it easy.
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