Period Thongs

What are period thongs?

Ecowoman menstrual thongs are the perfect combination of thong and hygienic protection. This combination replaces conventional single-use menstrual products ensuring protection against leakage, odour and moisture and ensuring comfort.

Menstrual thongs are ordinary underwear that have been specially developed to absorb menstrual flow and replace disposable products such as pads and tampons.

Menstrual thongs offer discreet, effective and ultra-comfortable protection during your period. Throughout your cycle, you are effectively protected thanks to a combination of materials that prevents leaks, odours and the feeling of dampness.

Benefits of thong period wear

Menstrual thongs are designed for the beginning or end of menstruation, for light flow, light urinary leakage or spotting.

Menstrual thongs have a maximum absorbency equivalent to 2 or 3 tampons to give you up to 8 hours of protection day and night. A great way to experience your period comfortably without restrictions.

How thong period underwear work

To limit the risks and allow you to experience your period with total peace of mind, we offer super comfortable and absorbent menstrual thongs. The fabrics our thongs are made from are naturally healthy and eco-friendly to offer you a natural alternative with hygienic protection.

Leakproof thong by Ecowoman

With a menstrual thong you choose safety, simplicity and comfort to live your period with complete peace of mind. Free of toxic substances and able to absorb your flow without staining your clothes, our thongs will accompany you every day so you can move freely and carry out your favourite activities during your period.

With a wide range of sizes, our menstrual thongs fit all women and all body types. Our menstrual thongs stay in place thanks to a sleek and sexy cut and are as comfortable as a normal thong. Very pleasant to wear on a daily basis, all our models guarantee incomparable absorbency and gentleness.

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