What is a menstrual calendar and why should you have one?

What is a menstrual calendar and why should you have one?

At Ecowoman, we know that your feminine well-being is a priority, and we want to offer you our special Menstrual Calendar for free so you can discover a new way to connect with your body.

A Menstrual Calendar is an invaluable tool that allows you to keep a detailed record of your menstrual cycle. But what is it for? 

Benefits of keeping a menstrual record: connect with your body in a holistic way

Your body is a temple, and knowing it thoroughly is an act of self-love. A Menstrual Calendar is more than just a record; it is a gateway to self-knowledge and an integral connection with your menstrual cycle. Let's delve into the benefits this invaluable tool can offer you: 


Immerse yourself in the fascinating journey of getting to know yourself. The Menstrual Calendar gives you the opportunity to explore unique patterns, understand your cycle length, recognize hormonal changes and anticipate premenstrual symptoms.

Prediction and planning

Anticipate the onset of your next period for mindful planning of your daily life. From special events to self-care moments, the ability to predict your most fertile days and your menses gives you a map to navigate with confidence.

Fertility Control

Whether you're looking to conceive or seeking to avoid pregnancy, the Menstrual Calendar becomes your ally. It accurately identifies your fertile and non-fertile days, providing you with an essential tool in your fertility journey. 

Detecting irregularities

Your body can send you signals throughout your cycle. If you notice unexpected changes, regular charting can be the key to detecting possible underlying health problems or hormonal imbalances. Being proactive in your health is a gift you give yourself.

Symptom management

Menstrual symptoms should not take you by surprise. Keep detailed track of your symptoms throughout your cycle, allowing you to prepare for and manage them more effectively. With this knowledge, you can adapt your lifestyle to embrace each phase with confidence. 

Why our menstrual calendar?

At Ecocoman, we don't simply offer a Menstrual Calendar; we offer an experience designed to elevate your feminine well-being.

  • Easily track your periods and symptoms: We simplify the process so you can keep track effortlessly. Mark your periods and symptoms intuitively, allowing you to keep accurate track of your menstrual cycle.
  • Learn about your body and your menstrual health with exclusive educational content: At Ecowoman, we believe in the importance of knowledge. Along with the Menstrual Calendar, you will have access to exclusive educational content that will help you better understand your body and your menstrual health.
  • Discover how to take better care of yourself during each phase of your cycle: Each phase of your menstrual cycle deserves special attention. With our Calendar, you'll discover how to adapt your self-care and lifestyle to maximize your well-being at each stage.


Ready to take a step toward greater self-awareness and feminine wellness? Download our Special Menstrual Calendar and begin your journey to a healthier, more conscious menstrual cycle today.

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