Pro-environment goals. A good way to start 2022

Pro-environment goals. A good way to start 2022



The world has changed a lot. And now that we have realized all the damage we were doing to the environment, we need to stop. The worst of all is that the damage we cause to the environment is not due to us doing something spectacularly bad for it, it is much worse: we do small things every day that perpetuate through repetition and have a longer-term impact.

Plastic bottles, soda cans, hair products, plastic grocery bags, cigarette smoking, car driving, feminine pads... these many other products we use every day have a negative impact on the environment.

For that reason, the best thing we can do is to include positive products and actions in our daily lives, so that we can help take care of the environment. One example is to change the use of conventional pads for ecological pads. Click here and find out about eco-friendly products for women at the best price.




Start 2022 differently

Every new year is a time to forget a little of the past and focus on new goals, objectives and purposes. Now, we invite you to include eco-friendly goals among your New Year's resolutions for 2022. 

Remember that change begins with each one of us.

If you don't know how or with which ecological resolutions to start, here we give you some, let's see:

  • Recycle your waste: We know that we generate a lot of garbage and the impact it has on the environment. Naturally, the best thing to do is to recycle, separating your waste according to the type of material: plastic, glass, cardboard, paper, organic.
  • Do not use straws anymore: Plastic is one of the most used and most polluting materials, when you drink a soda, juice, or milkshake, having a straw is not so necessary.
  • Change conventional products for ecological: Currently, there are many alternative products, necessary for our life, that have to take the ecological road. An example of them is the ecological pads.
  • Take care of water: Water is a non-renewable natural resource, but absolutely vital in our life. Taking care of it is taking care of your life, so please be conscious.
  • Walk more, ride your bike more, drive less: The car is an incredible source of pollution. If it is not necessary, don't use it so much.
  • Respect and take care of nature: Take care of what surrounds you, it is a gift, don't destroy it.




Our goal for 2022

We love the environment, and we are here because of the need to generate a positive change in the environment. Demonstrating that it is possible to maintain our quality of life without harming the planet is the main goal.

That is why our brand The Eco Woman offers women the possibility of obtaining products necessary for their lives, but without harming the environment. Visit our website and see all the alternatives that we bring for you.
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