Menstrual panties: Feel comfortable and secure during your exercise routines



Menstrual panties have undoubtedly become all you need for your menstruation. These little garments can absorb any type of flow without the need for pads or menstrual cups.

They are similar to a regular panty, and thanks to their design, they can absorb any type of flow keeping you always safe

Thanks to this, you can use it not only for your menstrual cycle but also for other occasions such as when exercising or for light urinary incontinence. 

But how do these menstrual panties work and why are they so useful not only for menstruation? Join me to find out.


Menstrual panties for menstruation only?

We remind you how a menstrual panty works. 

A menstrual panty consists of 4 layers and each layer functions as follows: 

  1. The top layer is responsible for absorbing all the flow, it is designed to remove all moisture and dry quickly. This way, you won't have that wet feeling
  2. The second layer will be in charge of neutralizing all those bacteria which cause the odor.
  3. The third layer, the main layer, is super absorbent. It can even absorb the equivalent of 2 normal pads. 
  4. Lastly, there is the anti-leakage layer. This is responsible for keeping all clothing, sheets, or any other item free of stains




When and how are menstrual panties used?

For work, school, sports, or even mild urinary incontinence. Menstrual panties are designed to replace disposable pads and tampons. You can use them every day as they are reusable. It is only a matter of having several models on hand so that you can wash them and then reuse them.


Menstrual panties for sport.

We know how important it is that when it comes to any sporting activity, comfort is always present. While workout clothes are important, so is underwear. Not all underwear is suitable for sports. For this, you will need a garment that is comfortable and fully breathable

It is not for less, during an exercise routine we will always be a little sweaty. Our intimate area will also be if you do not have a proper panty, you will probably have some kind of friction or burns. Not to mention that sometimes you will feel "wet" so you will surely be very uncomfortable

In these cases, menstrual panties are highly recommended. Whether you practice sports during or after your menstrual cycle. This type of garment will allow you to feel much more comfortable and secure. 

Thanks to the design and materials of the menstrual panties. A barrier will be created so that all the flow, in this case, sweat, will be trapped by the special layers of the menstrual panties.




What are you waiting for to use menstrual panties?!

Menstrual panties are anything but boring. Just like reusable pads, they come in different styles. In case you still don't feel comfortable with them, you can perfectly combine them with our other products such as ecological pads and reusable panty liners.
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