Impact of Physical Training on the Menstrual Cycle

Impact of Physical Training on the Menstrual Cycle

Physical exercise will always be synonymous with health, and the benefits that exercise brings to the body are undeniable. However, in women, especially during the menstrual cycle, the positive effects of physical training are evident.
In addition, it should be noted that if the training is very intense, the effects on the menstrual cycle can become negative. But, for this to occur, many other factors must be combined, including body type.

With this in mind, we present more detailed information on the subject.

Benefits of physical training in the menstrual cycle
Many women have expressed the great benefits they have been able to notice in their menstrual cycle with physical training. We mention some of them:

Helps to lose weight.
Many people, men and women, with physical training, seek to maintain a healthy weight. But, what you didn't know is that women who exercise during menstruation, thanks to hormones, can lose weight more easily.

Improves mood
A large part of women experience very strong mood swings during menstruation, feeling even sad or irritable. Exercise therefore promotes the release of endorphins and thus improves their mood.

Reduces inflammation
During menstruation, one of the most common and annoying symptoms is inflammation. With cardiovascular exercise you can reduce this symptom as this type of exercise promotes the elimination of fluids from the body.

Increases blood flow

Improving blood circulation, especially during menstruation, helps to reduce muscle pain, joint pain and even cramps.


What exercise is ideal depending on the phase of the menstrual cycle?

While it is true that physical training, in general, is beneficial for a woman's menstrual cycle, it is also true that by performing a different type of exercise according to each phase of the period, the benefits can be much better.
Below we will make recommendations of exercises according to the phase of the period:

Menstruation (Bleeding): This is the stage in which the woman's body feels more tired and sensitive. That is why yoga or pilates exercises are recommended.

Follicular phase (after menstruation, from day 12 or 14 of the cycle): In this phase estrogens increase and progesterone decreases. That is why it is ideal to perform high intensity exercises.

Ovulatory phase: In this phase, the ideal is to do strength and low intensity exercises.

Luteal phase (10 days before bleeding): In this phase, cardiovascular or medium intensity exercises are recommended.


Possible adverse effects of exercise on the menstrual cycle

Everything in excess is harmful. Exercise is no exception. Women who practice strong and intense exercise routines for a prolonged period of time may suffer side effects on their menstrual cycle, the most common being amenorrhea or irregular menstruation.

However, this situation can also occur when combined with other factors such as extreme diets or a high level of stress.

Therefore, if you suffer from amenorrhea, the first thing to do is to see a medical specialist to evaluate your case and determine the causes.

The recommendations will be oriented to establish an adequate diet and a moderate exercise intensity. Remember that exercise is to improve our body, not to destroy it.

As a final recommendation, we invite you to use ecological pads or menstrual underwear. You will notice the difference in your body and in your pocket.

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