Do You Know the Sleeping Test?

Do You Know the Sleeping Test?

Do You Know the Sleeping Test?

Needless is to say that we women are not exactly at their best when we are in our periods, and although menstruation is an essential part of the life of women, we still deal every month with different discomforts throughout our lives. But something people do not usually talk about is our night struggles; studies have shown that women can suffer from sleeping distresses due to hormonal alterations.

In addition, most women tend to have a bad night's sleep for different concerns like constantly checking the pad is not overflowed or limited movements during the night in order to prevent stains in the bed. Thanks to this, a new experiment has been developed in order to raise awareness of the discomfort women tend to have during the night.

 Sleeping test

What is the Sleeping Test About?

The sanitary pads brand ALWAYS created the sleeping test to show how bad a night can be for a woman during her period. To achieve this, they found three women who brought their husbands to perform the test. This was separated in three different experiments:

  1. In the first experiment, the goal was to make the man feel like the period is dropping, so a pressure-sensitive valve was placed around his pelvis, and during the night he would feel the fluid coming down.
  2. In the second experiment, they wanted to show how stressful it is to make sure the pad has correctly absorbed any fluid; for this, one of the men had an alarm that would sound every two hours, so he would be obligated to go to the bathroom and check any leak in his pad.
  3. And the third experiment, one of the men had to sleep in a bed, not comfortable at all, in order to have the least movements possible and prevent leaks and stains.

 Sleeping test pain

These experiments had very interesting results and allowed people to understand better the usual discomforts we women have in those days. The sleeping test also showed the importance of a quality pad during the night, since this will ease completely any usual discomfort while we sleep with our period. A high percentage of people recommend the usage of eco-friendly pads during the night since these have a lower risk of leaking; it also brings a lot of benefits for women, because it is not only a great advantage to save money and the planet as well, but improves the way we live with menstruation.

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