Absorbent panties for menstruation, urinary incontinence and postpartum



The menstrual cycle represents a hard battle to face fears and insecurities, it is normal, no one wants to go to work or school and face the painful situation that there are small "LEAKS".

Nowadays we can find multiple options in terms of menstrual hygiene, as menstrual cups and reusable pads are no longer the only options to use during the menstrual cycle

Yes, we are talking about menstrual panties. These delicate intimate garments are presented as an alternative not only to make us feel safe and confident. It also encourages us to have a more sustainable menstruation, since we leave aside the disposable absorbent pads

Join me to learn a little more about these novelty absorbent panties.


How do absorbent panties work? 

Absorbent panties are a type of underwear designed to be worn during menstruation, for light urinary incontinence, pregnancy or postpartum. This garment is made of various types of fabrics, which are able to absorb any type of flow effectively

To ensure longer absorption, absorbent panties are designed with three layers: The first one is the one in direct contact with the skin, this can generally be made of cotton or any other breathable material. 

As for the second layer, it helps to retain and neutralize all the fluid. Finally, there is the third layer, which has a waterproof fabric to avoid possible leaks. Each absorbent panty is fully breathable to neutralize all possible odors. 

Reasons to use absorbent panties. 

  • They are reusable - say goodbye to plastic!

A single absorbent panty is capable of replacing at least 60 disposable pads. If you take good care of them, they can even last longer. In case they lose their absorbency, you can even continue to use them as normal underwear.

  • They are comfortable and very practical:

We know reusable pads are super comfortable, but absorbent panties are definitely on another level. You can move freely and they won't move, since they're part of your underwear

  • You will not feel damp:

It is very normal to feel a little wetness especially during a heavy menstrual flow or in the case of urinary incontinence, a leakage of pee. With absorbent panties you will only feel a little wetness, then it will be absorbed and disappear quickly. 

  • No more irritation:

Since the layer that is in contact with the skin is made of cotton, you will feel really comfortable. This is something that does not happen with disposable pads, since their synthetic materials and chemicals make you irritated and you can even get some kind of infection. 




To keep in mind:

  • They may be uncomfortable at first:

If you are wearing absorbent panties for the first time, you may feel a little uncomfortable. Especially if you need to go outside, since in order to change, you will need to undress. 

That is why it is advisable to use them while you are at home, or you can also calculate the time you will be away, to make sure you will not need to change them

Remember that if you wish, you can combine the use of absorbent panties with other options such as eco pads or menstrual cups. It's just a matter of you feeling comfortable and being able to live your menstrual cycle in the best way.
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