5 curiosities about period swimwears


For many years, women have relied on sanitary pads, tampons, and now menstrual cups to help them cope with menstruation. However, as time goes by, more and more options are emerging, many of them more economical and sustainable. 

One of the most striking inventions in this regard today is menstrual bikinis. These garments are designed to absorb menstrual blood without allowing water to penetrate, thus preventing the blood from spilling out.

Now, being a relatively new product on the market, there are many curiosities about the period swimsuit, but don't worry, here are 5 curiosities you didn't know about this wonderful garment.


1. They have built-in anti-leakage protection.

Menstrual swimwears are made up of 3 layers of protection, thus guaranteeing their effectiveness. The first layer, the outer layer, is composed of a waterproof material that prevents blood loss and water from passing through.

The second layer, which is the intermediate layer, is specially designed to absorb the blood and block it. Normally, the material used as absorbent is organic cotton. The third and final layer is composed of a type of material that is responsible for keeping the skin dry. 

2. Period swimsuits can absorb the equivalent of 2 tampons.

A common concern among women, regarding menstrual bikinis, is whether the bikini can really absorb enough blood, and in this regard, it is important to clarify several points so that your experience is the best.

Period swimsuits can absorb the equivalent of 2 tampons. However, for greater protection, it is recommended that menstrual bikinis be worn only when menstrual flow is light. 

If you have a heavy flow, we recommend reinforcing protection by using a menstrual cup or tampon. 


3. They are as comfortable and beautiful as a normal bikini.

It is normal that when you see all the benefits that this garment brings, you think that you will feel uncomfortable or that it is not possible to find nice models. This is a mistake. The best thing about this type of bikini is that they are very comfortable to wear, we assure you that they are nothing different from a normal bikini.

You can find the sizes and designs of menstrual bikinis according to your tastes and needs, so it is no longer an excuse, you can look fabulous and be protected.

4. They are very hygienic

Gone are all the myths that say that bathing at the beach or pool is unhygienic. In addition, the material used to design these garments is organic and very hygienic, in fact, it eliminates bacteria and bad odors.
Don't worry, you are totally safe. Don't be afraid of infection from wearing bikinis, surprisingly it is a very safe and friendly garment for your health.

5. Wash with cold water, mild soap, and no fabric softener.

To take good care of your menstrual bikini, you must first rinse it with cold water, you should not use hot water, as you can damage it. Also, although you can use a washing machine, we recommend you wash it in a delicate cycle and without using a too aggressive soap or softener. Also remember, no dryer.

In conclusion, a menstrual bikini is an ideal solution to those moments when you want to enjoy your vacation at the beach or pool and your menstruation appears. You already know that they are safe and hygienic and if you take good care of them they can be very durable. So if you dare to try them, we recommend you to visit The Eco Woman, their products, in addition to all the benefits we already mentioned, are environmentally friendly.

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