Elevate your impact on global female empowerment with every purchase.

At Ecowoman, we are dedicated to not just protecting your health and the environment, but also improving the lives of women worldwide. We donate 10% of our profits to non-profit organizations fighting against menstrual poverty, which currently affects 500 million women.

Many of these women lack access to proper menstrual hygiene products or education on how to care for their health during these days, leading to serious health issues, school absenteeism, and social marginalization.

According to a UNICEF report, in Sub-Saharan Africa, only 14% of girls and women have access to menstrual hygiene products. In Asia, the number is 36%. This means that millions of women and girls in these regions lack access to safe and affordable menstrual hygiene products, forcing them to use unsanitary and unsafe alternatives such as pieces of cloth, tree leaves or even ash.

In many cultures, menstruation is considered a taboo topic and women and girls do not receive adequate information on how to handle it safely and healthily.

This can lead to health problems such as urinary and genital infections, as well as psychological issues such as shame and anxiety. It's important to involve men and the community at large in the fight against menstrual poverty. This includes promoting gender equality and inclusion of women's perspectives in decision-making, as well as raising awareness about the importance of menstruation and the need to support women and girls on this topic.

By choosing Ecowoman, you're not only investing in your own health and well-being, but also in the health and well-being of women worldwide.

With every purchase, you're contributing to eradicating menstrual poverty and improving the lives of countless women. Our goal is to continue growing so we can allocate more resources to protect women and help communities improve the situation of women in the world.

Together, we can make a real difference.

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