Why is Self Care Important During Your Period?

Why is Self Care Important During Your Period?

Why is Self Care Important During Your Period?

As everybody knows, menstruation is probably one of the toughest things we women have to go through; apart from uncomfortable physical sensations, period brings with it awful mental and emotional sensations as well. For this reason, women need to take good care of both their physical and mental health during those days, and you would be surprised how little attention people pay to it. In this article, we want to embrace the importance of self-care during menstruation and how to achieve it.

Self care during your period

Diet is Key

You have probably been here a thousand times, but it is the truest thing ever; diet is key to help your body function well, the right way.

By eating healthy meals in your days before your period will make a huge difference in how you feel. A lot of foods can provide necessary nutrients to help ease cramps or general discomfort. It is mostly recommended to add red fruit and vegetables to your diet to stabilize hemoglobin during the period. Another aspect women tend to forget is water; hydration is as important as a good meal, it can highly prevent dysmenorrhea and other physical sensations.

20 Minutes Exercise is All You Need

Exercise can bring a lot of both physical and mental benefits; it can definitely help you get ready for any discomfort during the period or even prevent them.

Exercising can be beneficial for preventing cramps and enhancing your blood pressure. It will also improve your immunological system. Besides, exercise will instantly make you feel better, happier, and more satisfied with yourself.

Save Time for Yourself

It is usual for us women to feel very low during our period, since hormones are stronger and affect us, feeling depressed and more emotional than usual. However, the way we treat ourselves has a great impact on how we manage our emotional health during menstruation.

It is highly recommended to spend time on ourselves, maybe taking warm baths each night, treating yourself with some desserts, or maybe having a small spa session at home. The smallest things can mark a big difference in how we conceive ourselves during these tough days.

The Pad You Use, Affects You

Although many people do not pay special attention to this, the Pad you use affects the way you feel during menstruation. Whether you use tampons, common pads, or the menstrual cup, it is essential that you pick the right alternative to feel comfortable and relieved. Nowadays, the eco-friendly pad is very used since it is perfect for super sensitive women, it provides more absorption and of course, it is eco-friendly, what can be better than that?

Eco-friendly pads give way more comfort than usual pads and even help with general discomfort and dysmenorrhea. Besides, these are perfect for women with sensitive intimate areas and will definitely be more cautious in terms of absorption. Eco-friendly pads are the best option if you want to have better and happier period days.

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