Tips to prepare your daughter for her first menstruation

Tips to prepare your daughter for her first menstruation

The first menstruation, also called Menarche, marks the physical change from girl to woman. That is why it is very important that, as parents, you can prepare the girl to expect this moment, as naturally as possible, without the myths that for centuries have been woven around the subject.


Tips for preparing the girl for her menarche

In the past, the subject was not usually discussed until the event occurred. Another way to talk about it was if the girl came home from school with questions, either because it happened to a classmate or because it was the topic of the class.

In this post, we present some simple and practical tips to prepare you when it is your turn to teach your little one:

  •  It should not take you by surprise

Although children do not come with a calendar marked with the days in which the important events of their lives will occur, the milestones of human development indeed have their times. The pre-puberty period allows us to talk to both girls and boys about the upcoming changes in their bodies.

Talk to her and explain to her, as simply and naturally as possible, what happens to every woman in the world, and let her know that it is normal for a woman to get her first period, even if she feels she is not ready for it.

  •  Teach by example

When talking about her first menstruation, don't sound upset or dramatic or tell her about bad experiences, don't predispose her. On the contrary, talk about your own experience and teach her how to prevent it. Together you can go shopping for your pads so you can teach her what to do.

Explain that there are different brands, sizes, and materials that she will be able to choose between conventional disposable pads or ecological pads, highlight the advantages of the latter and create eco-awareness in your daughter. 

  • It is not a disease

Having menstruation does not limit a woman from going to school, going out, doing her life, and even playing sports. The same hormones will ask for physical activity, so it is important to be prepared with towels and a change of clothes in case of an accident and nothing more.


  • Give her security

Prepare a kit in case of emergency, and tell her that if it should happen in the absence of her parents or an adult who can help her, she can count on help in a plastic bag, put a change of underwear, sanitary napkins, and toilet paper.

So that, if menstruation comes by surprise, the little one is always prepared, feeling confident that she can face it alone, transmit security, empathy, and above all understanding, let her know that you understand her.

  • Do not minimize her emotions. Validate her feelings

The little one may express her fear or rejection of having to experience her first period, but we should not scold or make fun of her. This is a very important moment in which she needs to be listened to, advised, and above all loved. Celebrate with her to be able to live this experience.

Do not forget that accompaniment is the greatest act of understanding, it is a brief journey through puberty, and in a short time, your little one will be giving you advice. 

Enjoy this stage and teach your daughters to live it naturally and with acceptance.

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