The importance of eco-friendly pads



You might have heard about the “eco-friendly” products now available in the market; it is not a secret that pollution is a pretty serious problem, and the industries are taking action to the damaging products they might be creating. 

A high percentage of the products we use every day end up in landfills and in the sea; items like women pads are commonly seen in the ocean. 

In this way, it is our responsibility to be aware of the issue created by ourselves.

In this article we want to talk about what eco-friendly pads are and the benefits these bring to the planet and, specially, to women.

Cloth Pads Have a Positive Impact on the Environment.

Approximately, a woman can discard around four pads and tampons a day, for around four or six days per month; so in this way, you can have an idea of the amount of trash thrown each year.

Nowadays, pads and tampons companies are more aware of this problem. It is very important to highlight that pads and tampons are made of low-density polyethylene, which is a hard plastic that takes years to disintegrate.

And not to mention that most women tend to be allergic to these materials.

Reusable Pads are Cost Effective

Apart from being an amazing alternative to improve the quantity of waste, cloth pads are a great opportunity for women to save money.

You can imagine the amount of money women spend only pads and tampons each year; since everyone experiences their period differently, some can spend more or less depending on their personal experience, but it only takes doing simple calculations to realize how much money you spend since the first time you get your period!

It is possible for a woman to spend more than $1500 by using disposable tampons and pads for 20 years.

Imagine how much you could save by choosing an alternative.




EcoPads are Also Body-Friendly

As we mentioned above, most industry made pads and tampons are usually made with synthetic tissues and damaging chemicals that can irritate your skin and make it more likely to have a rash.

It has been found that sensitive women can become more susceptible to be exposed to yeast infections due to the chemicals and residues that pads and tampons contain.

It is very important to mention that many women have suffered from toxic shock due to the prolonged use of disposable tampons and pads; although this is a very rare syndrome, it is still something dangerous that it is necessary to avoid. 

The popularity of the menstrual cup has increased in the last few years, and it has become one of the best alternatives for women to throw away the old disposable pads.

But, what happens for those women who still want to use pads because that is what they feel more comfortable with?

Eco-friendly pads offer another and better way for females to make the period experience way more relaxed and less traumatizing; in addition, the planet will be pleased about it.


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