Menstruating during the holidays? The best outfits to feel comfortable and look beautiful

Menstruating during the holidays? The best outfits to feel comfortable and look beautiful



Christmas is coming. Celebrations and parties are just around the corner. Putting together the perfect outfit is something fundamental. But this can become a really exhausting task when that special event coincides with our menstrual period.

Getting dressed when you're on your period can be quite an ordeal, not only will you have to deal with your sore breasts and swollen abdomen, headaches and joint pains are also there to torment you. Not to mention our heavy flow sisters (we know how you feel!). All this is certainly a problem when it comes to getting dressed. 

It is very probable that all you want to do during these days is to walk around in your pajamas as comfortably as possible. We don't blame you! Just don't let your period ruin your holiday festivities. You can be comfortable and look fashionable at the same time, especially if you have an eco-friendly pad.

In the following post, we'll show you some tips so you can dress up looking fabulous even when you're on your period. Let's get started!


Outfits you can wear when you're on your period.  


  • Leggings with an oversize sweater: the ideal combination for those days. 

Undoubtedly, one of the areas that are most affected during our menstrual period is our abdomen; it gets sore and a little swollen. So putting on something tight in this area is certainly not a good idea.

That is why leggings become a very good option to deal with these discomforts. Thanks to their elastic waistbands, you will be much more comfortable. Combine it with a wide sweater, and you will not only be warm, but you will also look fabulous. 




  • Straight dresses.

Another quite comfortable and stylish option for these days is using straight dresses. It doesn't matter if they are made of cotton or wool, they won’t stick to your body and can give you enough slack to move freely. As much as possible, make sure to wear dark garments which provide security against possible leaks. 


  • Skirts with elastic and a wide shirt or sweater. 

A skirt is undoubtedly an ideal option to put together an outfit during your period. Try to use them with elastic waistbands instead of zippers, these will be much more comfortable. Either cotton or even silk, long or pleated, you can wear them with a wool sweater and have a chic and fabulous outfit. 




  • Goodbye heels.

We all love heels, but it is best that we leave them aside during our period days. Our joints are sore, and heels will only aggravate the situation. 


  • Try high-waist pants.

This type of pants is a pretty successful option: it can match everything else you put on, and it will make you feel much more comfortable. Compared to medium or low rise pants, these models will make you feel much more protected against "accidents".

  • Pay attention to your undergarments.

It is important that your bra is also comfortable enough. Make sure it is made of cotton and that it is not too tight. During our menstruation days, our breasts are sensitive and sore. So finding the right bra is essential.

On the other hand, to feel more comfortable, instead of thongs and plastic pads, opt for cotton panties and reusable pads. These will not only make you feel much more comfortable, but you will also be much more protected against possible leaks. 

Don't let your menstruation ruin your festivities. By taking enough care of your comfort, you can put together any outfits to feel confident, but above all pretty and fabulous.
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