Let's talk about washable pads

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The menstrual cycle is a topic as old as mankind itself. Likewise, to talk about hygiene items for menstrual cycle care and their evolution from ancient times to the present is to talk about a great variety of menstrual cleanliness items and one of them is washable pads.


What are washable sanitary napkins?

Washable sanitary napkins are reusable sanitary napkins made with natural materials, taking care that they do not affect the health of the user. They are designed to avoid irritation and contact of your body with toxic and synthetic materials common in disposable sanitary napkins.


Why use them?

Over time, disposable sanitary pads have been constantly evolving, offering the female public: long duration, wings, sec mesh, ultra-thin, among other features, all designed for the care of women.

In addition to the economic savings offered by washable sanitary napkins, there is a reduction of the environmental impact, since a disposable sanitary napkin takes approximately 200 years to decompose, making them the ideal ecological ally.

In terms of intimate health, these washable pads offer women a more respectful and delicate treatment compared to chemicals and artificial absorbents that sooner or later take their toll, besides producing bad odor, fungus, and irritation in this sensitive area of women.


Pad care

To extend the life of washable sanitary napkins, the following instructions are recommended:

  • Wash them with water at a temperature no higher than 30°.
  • Do not use chlorine, bleach, or whiteners, since this fabric will be in contact with a sensitive area.
  • Do not use fabric softeners.
  • When taking them off, soak them in cold water with a splash of vinegar.




Advantages of using them

More and more women are opting for the use of washable sanitary napkins because they offer great advantages for their users. The advantages of their use are the following:

  • They are economical: Compared to the expense you would incur with the purchase of disposable pads, the cost of washable pads is very low.
  • They benefit the environment: as already mentioned, the decomposition time of a disposable sanitary napkin is 200 years, contaminating the earth and rivers. And the use of plastic and chemicals is considerably reduced. 
  • They are more careful with the skin: with washable sanitary pads, your skin will no longer be in contact with the chemical agents of sanitary napkins, considerably improving the treatment of your body.
  • Durable and absorbent: as they are made of washable material, they are reusable for more than 2 years. In addition to being more absorbent and retain more than disposable and tampons.

How to use them?

Like disposable sanitary pads, washable pads are placed in the underwear and are fixed to it with a small clip and it is recommended that they are changed every 4 to 5 hours even when there is little staining, to avoid the reproduction of batteries that can cause a vaginal infection.

Washable pads have become an excellent option for those who opt for a more natural and ecological menstrual care and in addition to contributing economically, its use offers great advantages that make it an excellent choice.

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