How to feel more comfortable during your period at work


Painful, limiting and sometimes a source of embarrassment. Believe it or not, menstruating during working days represents an uncomfortable and stressful situation for many women. 

What should be something natural and normal for women often turns into really difficult days. While some jobs are somewhat flexible with the issue of menstruation. However, there are others who don't seem to mind. So the day to day for many workers becomes a total nightmare. 

So how do you manage the days of the month at work? As women, we should not let our menstruation be limiting, we know it can be a bit difficult. So here are some tips that might interest you. 


Tips so you can feel more comfortable with your menstruation during work days.

1. Know your cycle

Whether you use a menstrual chart or an app on your phone, it is essential to be prepared and know the exact time when your period will arrive. This way you will be able to prepare everything you need without being caught off guard. 


2. Avoid wearing light-colored pants:

For no one is a secret, when we are in our days most of the time we feel insecure, the fear of some kind of accident happening is always present. In case we have a lot of work and we are not able to change our panty in time. It is very possible for an accident to happen. 

That is why during your menstruation, it is best to wear dark colored pants. In case of any mishap, these will be the right ones to disguise the situation


3. Always have a menstruation kit ready in your drawer.

There are many women who, due to many situations, forget the exact day on which our period arrives. And when we go to the bathroom, we find ourselves with a big surprise! Don't let this catch you off guard. 

We know that for many, asking for pads or tampons can be a bit embarrassing. To avoid this, we recommend that you be always prepared. Wherever you keep your things at work, keep a small kit.  A couple of pads could save not only your life, but a co-worker's as well.


4. Wear reusable panties for comfort:

We know that menstrual flow varies for every woman and depends largely on the day you are in. You could be at the office and feel an intense amount of flow, this is one of the most common accidents.

That is why during these days, an ideal option is to use reusable panties. This type of panties are designed to avoid all those accidents. Their materials and design will make you feel really comfortable and safe during your working hours.


5. Using reusable pads is a very good option even if it doesn't seem like it. 

Spending a lot of time sitting in an office makes your menstrual flow move all over the place. If you are using a normal flow pad, chances are you could have an accident. A very good option to avoid this would be night pads.

However, you can also opt for reusable pads. Although it may not seem like it, these types of pads are really comfortable. Their design and materials will make you feel much more comfortable and secure. You will avoid the annoying friction caused by the plastic strips of disposable pads and of course you will be helping the environment.
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