How many menstrual panties do I need during my menstrual period?

How many menstrual panties do I need during my menstrual period?


Surely you have already heard about menstrual panties, if you have not yet done so I tell you that these popular panties are nothing more than a kind of underwear that is designed to be a means of protection and hygiene at the time of your menstrual cycle.

Their advantages are indisputable, on the one hand, they are reusable and can withstand numerous washings, which is undoubtedly something that will benefit the environment. On the other hand, they are designed in such a way that they can stop the flow and avoid bad odors. As for their design, don't even worry about it. Currently, there are a variety of colors and designs that you will surely love. 

If you are new to using ecological panties, you probably have some doubts in your mind. For example, how often do I have to change my absorbent panties or how many panties do I need throughout my menstrual cycle? These and other questions will be answered below.


How many menstrual panties will I need throughout my menstrual cycle?

A menstrual panty turns out to be a very practical garment. Not only do you get an undergarment, but you also get protection. Unlike a reusable pad, a menstrual panty does not move from side to side, these are a perfect choice if you want to avoid irritation or friction, as they are also designed with natural materials such as cotton or bamboo.


How long can I wear my menstrual panties?



You can wear your menstrual panties for 4 to 8 hours throughout the course of the day. This will of course depend on what your menstrual flow is. In case you have a very heavy flow, it is recommended that you use an eco compress over your menstrual panty. 

On the other hand, if your flow is medium-light, you might as well keep your menstrual panties on all day and change them when the night comes. Keep in mind that reusable panties not only reduce odor but also reduce leakage. That's why worrying about staining or changing pads has no place with menstrual panties.


So how many menstrual panties should I have?

Likewise, the amount of panties you will need during your menstrual cycle depends on the amount of menstrual flow you have. However, it would be very convenient to have at least 4 or 5 pairs of menstrual panties, so that you can alternate them throughout your menstrual cycle.


How often do I have to renew my menstrual panties?

This will of course depend on the material they were designed with as well as the frequency with which they are washed. But generally, they can be used for a period of 2 to 5 years. So, it significantly reduces not only the use of plastic that is very common in disposable pads but also allows you to save much more money.


So what's stopping you from wearing menstrual panties?

If you have started using menstrual panties for the first time and still don't feel comfortable with them, don't worry! You can alternate them with our other eco products such as reusable pads or reusable panty liners.
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