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    NEW EcoPads - Savings Pack (6 Pads + FREE Wet Bag)

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    NEW EcoPads - Savings Pack (6 Pads + FREE Wet Bag)

    "I love these! They are a lot more comfortable than disposable pads and I don't have a pad rash at the end of my period anymore. It might be in my head, but it does feel like my periods are shorter and I'm not as crampy as I would get with disposable pads and tampons." ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Jessica L., EcoPads customer.

    Introducing the NEW EcoPads.

    Made from sustainable and ordorless bamboo charcoal. 

     Unparalleled softness and comfort so you hardly feel like you’re wearing a pad. 

     X3 times more absorbent than a regular disposable pad. 

     Highly breathable so you won’t feel irritation and chafing again. 

     100% Leak-proof to avoid unpleasant surprises. 

     As easy to wash as a laundry pail.

     EcoPads can last up to 5-10 years, so you don't have to spend money every month. 

    And they come in a wide variety of cute prints! 



    Disposable sanitary pads are one of the largest sources of plastic pollution in the world.

    They are bleached with chemicals that cause infections, allegies and rashes.

    On top of that, having to buy them every month isn´t cost-effective...

    If you tired of contributing to landfills and want save money and have a healthier period, then EcoPads are for You!


    Carefully hand-made with 4 layers to guarantee maximum absorbency, comfort and zero leaks: 

    • Bamboo charcoal fiber, perfect for sensitive skins, keeps you fresh and neutralizes odors. 
    • 2 layers of super absorbent microfiber that absorb three times more than a disposable pad. 
    • Waterproof PUL to prevent leaks even during your heavier flow days. 

    Your periods will no longer be uncomfortable or unhealthy!

    EcoPads are suitable for menstrual periods, urinary incontinence, pregnancy and post-partum.  


    After using EcoPads, many women have reported benefits of feeling emotionally more connected to themselves and their menstrual cycle. 

    Get your New EcoPads (6 Pads) and receive a FREE Wet Bag!

    Purchase today 100% risk-free because EcoPads come with a full 30-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee. If for any reason you aren´t delighted with your purchase, simply contact our amazing support team and you will be instructed on how to proceed.


    If you have any questions about EcoPads, please refer to our FAQ page by clicking here.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 28 reviews
    Denise Zara
    Most comfortable

    I don’t mind washing my new pads at all. I feel good because I am not hurting the earth by throwing so much waste. It’s also the MOST COMFORTABLE i’ve ever felt in years. No yucky feeling, no skin friction and sticky sensation. It’s as if i don’t have my period at all. I am a happy customer.

    Pretty good

    I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I ordered the EcoPads, other than having the high hopes of doing at least a little bit for the environment on the area of my period. I would say that I have about average flow, usually about 3-4 days of varying needs for protection and I've now had 2 cycles to test these.

    + Extremely soft and comfortable material (beats all regular pads hands down)
    + Feels very comfortable on (for the most part*)
    + Pretty good size (for my liking, could've maybe been a bit longer still)
    + Wet Bag can be handy when out and about
    + Definitely very absorbent - and keeps you feeling dry!

    - Sliding about when pulling panties on - this can make the pad sit at the wrong spot
    - The fastening of the pad managed to break the seam in my bike shorts, maybe that's my fault for having thick thighs?
    - Probably not tight clothing friendly - I generally felt like wearing skirts and dresses was the better idea as I was convinced these would be quite noticeable underneath pants made of non-denim materials
    - As someone who doesn't own a washing machine, washing these by hand was definitely not my favorite part (I can only get to a machine about once a week) and I felt like there were always pads either soaking in my bathroom or needing a wash or drying around the apartment somewhere, but this again is more of a me problem

    The best part though? Sleeping with these bad boys was a JOY. No rustling, no unpleasant feeling, no... steamy... nether regions... Just wonderful. For that alone, I would recommend. (And of course Mother Nature thanks you!)

    Danielle Ellickson
    Longer wrapping flaps

    I wish the tabs to hold then were longer with a button both in the front and back. Mine flips and hit the toilet seat, which can be very gross.


    I didn't think I'd believe it, but here I am using reusable pads. As an athlete, environmentally conscious human and raising a daughter, I love these!
    They help minimize odor, control all leakage and even seem to minimize cramps and length of my periods.


    NEW EcoPads - Savings Pack (6 Pads + FREE Wet Bag)

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